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11 Jul 2017
08:07andreiowe have a Lightning Talks scheduled for Sat, August 19? Or is my calendar still jetlagged?
14:14ursulaandreio: same on my calendar, probably a mistake
15:36mconleydmose: that ASAN stuff reveal anything?
16:14dmosemconley: nope; it didn't trigger the crash :-(
16:17dmosemconley: i presume it's that these builds are too slow to lose whatever race
16:17dmosei do wonder if Asan might give useful output anyway
16:17* dmose goes to peer at the asan docs
16:23dmosenope, it exits on eror
16:23dmoseand we don't seem to override that
16:42mconleydmose: I think it's time to request a loaner. :/
16:42mconleydmose: I'll file the bug
16:45mconleydmose / Mardak: filed
17:56dmosemconley: wonderful; thnaks
21:07dmosei (heart) intermittents
21:07dmoseor something
23:15Mardakdmose: after a bunch of try attempts..........
23:15Mardakwe can fix our crashes just by adding dots!
23:19Mardakand apparently you can't just dump a little bit of ...... it needs to be at least 5 lines of .s to reduce crashes by roughly 50% but 10 lines of .s seems to get rid of the crash completely
23:29Mardakthat only took 30 try pushes... and many retriggers :p
12 Jul 2017
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