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11 Aug 2017
03:46dmoseMardak: is gonna want some backporting for the A-S changes
04:13Mardakdmose: isn't it already backported?
04:16Mardakhow did you notice?
04:18dmoseMardak: sure enough it is. i noticed by reading the landings in the Quantum Flow newsletter and getting suspicious about the Preferences.jsm change
04:49streaminatorrlr: Hey, your reviewer requested some changes:
14:45streaminatorursula: Hey! Someone requested a review:
14:47emtwok88hudson: oops I missed your msg yesterday. I'm not sure whether I'll keep it in the a-s repo or not. Today I'm going to look into that. I have a PR with roughly what I think it should look like now though:
14:47emtwojust rebasing at the moment because of those conflicts
14:47emtwok88hudson: if you get a chance to do a first pass on that PR that'd be great! :)
14:53streaminatorahillier: Hey, your patch was approved!
14:53streaminatorahillier: Hey, your patch was approved!
14:55k88hudsonemtwo: awesome
14:55k88hudsonI'll take a look after lunch
14:55emtwok88hudson: thank you :)
14:56streaminatorahillier: Hey, your patch was approved!
15:53Mardakahillier: was the PR fixing a different issue #?
15:53ahillierMardak: Different issue but wasn't filed so no #
16:15dmosek88hudson: you around?
16:15k88hudsondmose: yep
16:17dmosek88hudson: i was thinking it'd be good to catch up on test-merges.js, in case it goes sideways next week for some reason (while ed and I are gone)
16:17dmosek88hudson: might you have a bit of time to vidyo?
16:18k88hudsonk88hudson: sure
16:18k88hudsonoh crap
16:18k88hudsondmose: sure!
16:18dmosejoin my vidyo?
16:22dmosek88hudson: ^
16:22k88hudsondmose: ok coming!
17:19Mardakk88hudson: this might need strings if we're doing it for 57
17:20k88hudsonMardak: is that like the thing we used to have in test pilot
17:20Mardaki believe so
17:20k88hudsonas yet we haven't implemented it
17:21Mardakare we going to for 57? i suppose if we do, we could make it english only
17:21Mardaknevermind about strings then
17:22k88hudsonunless we find a compelling reason, I don't think it's probably necessary
17:22k88hudsonwe can just use prefs for debugging-related stuff
17:25Mardakhow do we want to track these "pushed out of graduation/mvp/fx57" issues? p2 or p3 and backlog milestone?
17:25Mardakwell i guess i'll just take off fx57 and it'll be in the next triage
17:25k88hudsonMardak: probably just put them in the backlog
17:26k88hudsonif we know we're not going to do it for 57
17:26k88hudsonor we could make a 58 tag
17:26Mardakbacklog only has 23 open right now. we can triage that when we're done with 57 ;)
17:28k88hudsonsounds good to me
17:28Mardakpushed out of the release 57 project! down to 100 issues ;)
17:37dmoseMardak: i vote for using your judgment and closing aggressively
17:37dmoseMardak: if it's important, it'll come back
17:38dmoseor someone will reopen
17:43ursulaMardak: about:home will need a new string for it's title
17:44Mardakk88hudson: are yzen's comments tracked in sufficient to close the "Audit" related a11y issues
17:45k88hudsonMardak: let me read through them
17:46k88hudsonMardak: yes, we'd probably want to split up 2998 though
17:46Mardakaww. into the 3 bulleted sections?
17:48k88hudsonwell, i guess they aren't that big
17:48k88hudsonmaybe 1 is enough
17:48k88hudsonyeah you know what just leave it
17:49Mardakwoo! down to 95 issues ;)
17:49Mardakat this rate, we'll be done tonight!
17:52dmosek88hudson: speaking of scriptable profilers, the chrome protocol tracing bit that's being (considered? implemented?) for devtools might help us here
17:52dmose(at the bottom)
17:54dmosek88hudson: are you getting those crontab messages?
17:55k88hudsondmose: yep
17:55dmosek88hudson: chronic used to supress the "nothing happened cases"; i think something changed in the underlying infrastructure (eg maybe npm 5 writing to stdout when it didn't need to do something)
18:00ursulaMardak: do we need to get strings in for 57 before a certain day?
18:01k88hudsonwe should actually have a string freeze dat
18:01k88hudsonto give translators enough time
18:01Mardakursula: not really (i think). it just gives pontoon localizers the most time to maximizes localized strings
18:02Mardakbut yes we can enforce our own string freeze to at least get the strings in the repository and exported to pontoon by say.. end of this iteration?
18:02Mardakthe feature development around the strings don't need to be done. just into
18:03Mardakcurrently these 7 issues
18:05streaminatorMardak: Hey! Someone requested a review:
18:06Mardakursula: fancy ;) how are we going to get the build name? i suppose there should be a global string somewhere we can use
18:07Mardakalthough in the past (hello?) i believe we just had localizers also "translate" Firefox/Nightly etc.....
18:07Mardakactually onboarding has a "New to Nightly" i wonder where that comes from
18:08ursulai assumed we would just determine what channel we were in in the code somehow but if there's a string available that might be easier
18:08Mardaklocales/en-US/ to %S? Lets get started.
18:09Mardakursula: tada
18:09ursulabrand short name hahaha
18:09ursulaso we can use the same thing
18:10streaminatorursula: Hey, your patch was approved!
18:15ursulaMardak: did the PR's in m-c for the remote page manager stuff fix the addMessageListener is undefined bug for when we set activity stream to about:home?
18:15Mardakshould have. although there seems to still be an issue with session restore
18:16ursulado we have a bug for that?
18:17Mardakgrumble grumble or maybe not..
18:19Mardakor let me double check. i might have been on my beta branch...
18:19ursulahrmm i changed what about:home points to in AboutRedirector and it still seems to throw the error
18:20Mardakshould have been fixed by from last tuesday
18:20nanjMardak: do we still get chance to uplift stuff for 56 beta?
18:20Mardaknanj: we're trying to
18:21nanjMardak: we wanted to get this one uplifted
18:21Mardakursula: if i set about:newtab to be my start page on nightly, it seems to load okay for me
18:21ursulaMardak: through about:preferences?
18:21ursulaahh yeah that works
18:22ursulabut i guess aboutredirector is too soon?
18:23Mardakmaybe. got a patch i can try locally to test what codepath is going earlier than start page = about:newtab?
18:24ursulai guess it all depends what our strategy is for setting about:newtab = start page
18:24nanjemtwo: hey, just wanting to confirm that we do want to uplift the "user_prefs" for 56 beta, correct?
18:24emtwonanj: yes that would be great if we can do that
18:25nanjemtwo: cool, we'll try to uplift it :)
18:25ursulai was thinking the aboutredirector is nice because then we can just differentiate which one is the start page vs the newtab page with the document.documentURI
18:26Mardaknanj: that PR doesn&#39;t apply cleanly. it depends on | * e2be8b15 - feat(mc): Add telemetry API for Top Stories (3 weeks ago) <Nan Jiang>
18:26Mardakit conflicts on docs/v2-system-addon/ and docs/v2-system-addon/
18:26Mardakursula: yeah i do think we want to actually be about:home as window.location will be about:home instead of about:newtab
18:27Mardakor documentURI should work just as well :p
18:27nanjMardak: ugh, the documents, can we uplift them both?
18:28streaminatoremtwo: Hey, your reviewer requested some changes:
18:28streaminatoremtwo: Hey, your reviewer requested some changes:
18:29Mardaknanj: i suppose we could.. any reason it wasn&#39;t being targeted for 56 originally? legal?
18:30Mardaknanj: i see says category 1 and 2 only
18:30nanjMardak: yep, it was delayed by legal. also the top stories telemetry wasn&#39;t enabled in e2be8b15, we just added the API
18:32Mardakwhere is telemetry being turned on for pocket?
18:34nanjwe only send regular clicks/blocks for pocket right now, not impression pings
18:39Mardaknanj: is there an issue that is filed / will be filed to turn on impressions?
18:40nanjMardak: i can reopen #2898, and add some comments there
18:41Mardaknanj: easiest to just have a separate issue if we&#39;re going to uplift #2898 and not the turning on impressions
18:41Mardakotherwise we shouldn&#39;t uplift any of 2898
18:43Mardaknanj: if we dont uplift any of 2898, to resolve the merge conflicts, just ignore the adding of &quot;user_prefs&quot;: 7 to the related docs sections?
18:43nanjMardak: that&#39;s correct
18:43nanjit&#39;s just a conflict about documents
18:45nanjMardak: any better way to handle this?
18:47streaminatorMardak: Hey! Someone requested a review:
19:37streaminatorursula: Hey, your patch was approved!
19:54streaminatorahillier: Hey! Someone requested a review:
19:57streaminatorursula: Hey, your patch was approved!
20:11ursulaMardak: uhhh i think the preloaded tab is screwing up the favicon LOL
20:11Mardakhow so?
20:12Mardakoh i see it doesnt show up
20:12ursulaif i open a new tab i have to refresh it to see the favicon, and when i turn preloading off, it shows it properly on all new open tabs
20:12Mardaknot so easy peasy :p
20:12ursulapreloading - 1, ursula - 0
20:12Mardakmight just need to &quot;refresh&quot; the meta tag somehow on visibility change
20:12Mardaksimilar to how i needed to update the title on visibility change
20:14* ursula sighs
20:16Mardakursula: this seems to work from the console:
20:16Mardakdocument.getElementById(&quot;favicon&quot;).href += &quot;#&quot;
20:17ursulaworks for me!
20:19Mardaknanj: tspurway was suggesting we can also get the pocket id telemetry in for 56 if there&#39;s data approval. what&#39;s needed to turn it on?
20:20k88hudsonMardak: do you have some time to show me the process for uplifting commits?
20:20streaminatorMardak: Hey! Someone requested a review:
20:20Mardakk88hudson: sure.
20:23Mardakk88hudson: in your vidyo
20:23k88hudsonMardak: ok brt
20:25Mardakk88hudson: master export
20:25Mardakk88hudson: firefox-56 export
20:43streaminatorursula: Hey, your patch was approved!
20:50nanjMardak: the pocket telemetry API is done, we just need to send the ping out upon user&#39;s interaction
20:51Mardakcan we land that fix now for 57? and if it&#39;s okayed for 56, make it part of the uplift to 56?
20:54nanjMardak: you mean #2898? or the one to enable the pocket impression telemetry?
20:54Mardakwell it sounds like you&#39;re doing 2 things in 2898 now
20:54Mardaki already uplifted the API change
20:55Mardakor put it on our firefox-56 branch to be precise
20:56nanjMardak: vydio pair?
20:57Mardaknanj: in your vidyo
21:11Mardakk88hudson: i made a patch for the current buildmc/export of firefox-56 branch
21:11Mardakif you run buildmc now onto latest m-c, you should get the same patch
21:51nanjahillier: hey, how did it go? any luck?
21:57ahillierYeah man it worked!
21:57ahillierThanks for all your help
21:57ahillierAnd now it&#39;ll work in future as well
22:02nanjahillier: thanks for fixing it up! next time I&#39;ll find you a decent keyboard, I promise ;)
22:05ahillierAh it wasn&#39;t so much the physical keyboard as the fact it was set to some weird locale
22:37streaminatorursula: Hey! Someone requested a review:
12 Aug 2017
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