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10 Aug 2017
04:02streaminatorMardak: Hey! Someone requested a review:
04:09streaminatordmose: Hey, your patch was approved!
04:26streaminatorrlr: Hey, your reviewer requested some changes:
14:18streaminatorbryanbell: Hey! Someone requested a review:
15:05streaminatorrlr: Hey! Someone requested a review:
15:11streaminatorncloudioj: Hey, your patch was approved!
15:11streaminatorncloudioj: Hey, your patch was approved!
16:51streaminatorursula: Hey! Someone requested a review:
16:51streaminatorMardak: Hey, your patch was approved!
17:42streaminatorMardak: Hey, your patch was approved!
18:22dmoseemtwo: you know, for ping centre, you could consider just having it live in github and be regularly exported to m-c, thus keeping existing tests, etc.
18:23emtwodmose: yes, k88hudson suggested that. Neither of us were sure how much work it would be to export it outside of the a-s system addon export
18:23emtwoI might take a look at how reasonable that would be to do
18:24dmoseyeah, it'd have pros and cons of course
18:25dmoseemtwo: did you talk to Standard8?
18:27dmoseMardak: so i'm thinking i'll grab the "preloaded" telemetry bug next. in some sense, it'd be nice to get for 56, but then again that workaround makes the data story a bit complicated there. what do you think?
18:27emtwodmose: yes. I sent him an email. he had a nice thorough response that I can forward to you if you're interested. It sounded like there was no out-of-the-box easy way to do it but that he's done somewhat similar things
18:27dmoseemtwo: i'd love to read it, yeah
18:27dmoseyeah, i guess that's the problem with the github sub porojects, of which there are a bunch now: everybody has handrolled their own infra
18:27emtwodmose: sent
18:28Mardakdmose: which preloaded telemetry bug?
18:29dmoseMardak: send info with each session about whether the session was preloaded or not
18:29emtwodmose: I'd love to dig deeper into the best testing solution at some point but I'm concerned about going down a rabbit hole while the onboarding team is waiting for a telemetry tool to be ready
18:29dmoseemtwo: yeah, that sounds wise
18:30dmose emtwo: so tomorrows builds should have some topsites_first_painted_ts changes:
18:31dmose1) it'll be using a slightly faster measuring technique
18:31dmose2) it'll have a small perf bug fixed
18:31Mardakdmose: it can be inferred when topsites paint is before visibility
18:31dmoseMardak: yeah, that's true most of the time
18:32Mardakhow would having the preloaded flag on perf object affect our analysis?
18:32Mardakor session object (not sure where it should go)
18:32dmose3) it'll have a big nasty bug that was causing the 500s load times mostly worked around
18:33dmoseMardak: i'd put it on the perf object. i guess the main effect it would have be it would allow us to also capture stuff that starts preloaded but becomes visible mid-preload. which is probably small potatoes in the bigger picture.
18:34dmoseprobably extremely small potatoes, really
18:34dmoseok, never mind. i'm now convinced that we should "later" it.
18:36dmoseemtwo: anyway, if you reset the dashboards to only look at tomorrow's builds or later, you should start getting substantially better data on topsites_first_painted_ts
18:37emtwodmose: excellent! excited to see the new data :)
18:37emtwodmose: Mardak thanks for looking into the telemetry bugs :D
18:51Mardakmpopova: Cu.import("resource://gre/modules/NewTabUtils.jsm").ActivityStreamLinks.getTopSites().then(v => console.log( => s.url).join("\n")))
18:51MardakCu.import("resource://gre/modules/NewTabUtils.jsm").ActivityStreamLinks.getTopSites().then(v => console.log( => s.url).join("\n")))
18:52Mardakgrrr irccloud and slack not doing what i want
20:07streaminatorMardak: Hey! Someone requested a review:
20:08andreiodmose: are you in the office?
20:09k88hudsonemtwo: did you end up going with staying in the AS repo?
20:09dmoseandreio: no, i'm working from home today
20:09dmoseandreio: are you in SF?
20:17streaminatork88hudson: Hey, your patch was approved!
20:17streaminatork88hudson: Hey, your patch was approved!
20:17andreiodmose: yeah onboarding got us in SF today
20:22dmoseah, nice!
20:24k88hudsondmose: Mardak: how *do* we feel about getting rid of test pilot tests/automation
20:24k88hudsontoo early?
20:24k88hudsonperfect timing?
20:25Mardakwell if we're making the add-on uninstall itself. that might break tests too ;)
20:26k88hudsonthat's true
20:46dmosedo the minimum work for the uninstall thing
20:46dmoseleave the rest for post-57
20:46dmosek88hudson: ^
20:46Mardakapparently uninstalling doesn't break tests :p
20:47k88hudsonwell, i guess that makes sense since the entrypoint isn't tested
20:47Mardakalthough sdk was removed in 57 nightly, so this uninstalling won't fix nightly users
20:47k88hudsonwhat if I just remove the test-related tasks for test pilot for now
20:47Mardakalthough i'm not sure if nightly 57 users can even update to a bootstrap add-on?
20:48Mardaktest: ==>testmc ?
20:48k88hudsonMardak: yeah, it might just get disabled
20:48k88hudsonMardak: yeah basically
20:48k88hudsonand I have to add lint into testmc, which it should be anyway
20:49Mardakwell on nightly from m-c, we can have it get test pilot add-on and uninstall it if installed
21:06Mardakk88hudson: how should the MVP and fx57 github labels differ at this point? should any remaining open MVP be tagged 57?
21:09dmoseone would hope not
21:09dmoseor, let me rephrase
21:09dmoseshouldn't they be identical at this point?
21:18Mardaki suppose MVP could be used for things that don't need to make it into m-c
21:19Mardake.g., dashboard
21:22dmoseyeah, that's fair
21:23k88hudsonThey should be pretty much equivalent now
21:25Mardakdmose: i split out Telemetry vs Dashboard for add-on changes vs dashboard
21:27dmoseMardak: wow, that's one wide kanban board. i have to make my fonts super tiny to see it all at once. :-)
21:27Mardakor get a larger monitor ;) :p
21:28dmoseheh, i've left those behind for the moment for ergo reasons
21:28dmosebut i may get back to them one day
21:28Mardakdmose: this should be fixed?
21:28Mardakby ?
21:30dmoseMardak: ^
21:36dmoseMardak: can i kill the Highlights column?
21:36Mardakdmose: why?
21:37dmoseMardak: because we've killed the Highlights feature?
21:37Mardakit's coming back
21:37Mardakand needs issues filed
21:37dmosesure, eventually
21:37dmosebut not before 57
21:37dmosewhich is the thing we're trying to actively manage right now
21:38dmoseMardak: how about moving it over to the far right, at least?
21:38Mardakthere's a Highlights KR
21:38Mardaki dont think it would be there unless it was for 57.. ?
21:39Mardakk88hudson: do you know what's the status of highlights and 57?
21:39* dmose blinks
21:39* Mardak blinks too
21:40dmosewe've already got plenty to do, it's too late in the game to start adding features
21:43ursulait's no longer visit again + bookmarks
21:43ursulait's all smooshed into highlights
21:43dmoseursula: for 57?
21:43Mardakdmose: i believe there was always for 57 something other than stories and top sites
21:43ursulai'm assuming ya
21:44Mardakand that thing is now what ursula said (instead of test pilot's separate sections)
21:44dmoseit was supposed to be visit again + boookmarks
21:44dmoseit's too late to be making these kinds of changes
21:44ursulai *think* we can still re-use those queries separately but then smoosh them into just one section called "highlights"
21:44dmosei've asked mpopova in slack
21:45dmosesure, but this sort of UX thing also needs bake time
21:47ursulayeah for sure
22:09k88hudsonYeah we probably need to figure out the details
22:10k88hudsonBut like ursula said they wanted to squish them together
11 Aug 2017
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