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17 Jan 2017
03:01Mardakwhere have people been hanging out? anyone at the office?
03:07Mardaki guess i'll just drop off stuff at dmos desk
03:33dmoseI'm not sure
03:33dmoseSpent most of today in the ER
03:34dmoseStaying in the hospital tonight
03:34dmoseWill have to play tomorrow by ear
16:00mconleytspurway: heyo - reminder that the Firefox Desktop meeting is in a few minutes, if you wanted to toss any updates into the doc:
16:14Mardakk88hudson: are people in SF office?
16:20Mardaktspurway: i spoke briefly for us saying we're in SF. mike says they should expect a long list of items from our team in the next fx team meeting in 2 weeks ;)
16:28dmoseStill in the hospital, probably won't have plan on next steps (I.e. whether I'll be here for another day) until at least this afternoon
16:41clouserwursula: good morning. just wanting to confirm the .xpi you sent is ready to go (no QA or anything needed?)
17:10tspurwaythanks, Mardak - apologies mconley - is there a recurring iCal invite for this meeting? id love to make it, but its always a surprise!
17 Jan 2017
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