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8 Sep 2017
08:25firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1398054 filed by
08:25firebot NEW, Accessibility support partially disabled notification pop-up disappears after ~1 second if NVDA is a
12:54aaronlevalexander: does firefox still set aria-activedescendant when the AT tries to set focus on something not focusable, but ancestor has aria-activedescendant?
12:54aaronlevi didn't see it in ::TakeFocus()
13:46davidbeeejay: sorry i missed you... catch me today plz
14:18davidb(actually no need)
18:32firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1398271 filed by
18:32firebot NEW, NVDA/JAWS screenreader reads incorrect output from selections from dropdown box when navigated with
20:33davidbsorry for bugspam folks... i have a directive to assign priorities to recent bugs
20:34davidbaklotz: if you notice anything odd let me know ^
20:34davidb(I mean in bugzilla, not in my behaviour generally)
20:36aklotzdavidb:(lol) What priority scheme does your team use?
20:36davidbaklotz: for now
20:36davidberrr without the anchor
20:37aklotzdavidb: thanks
20:37davidb Fix in the current release or iteration
20:37davidb Fix in the next release or iteration
20:37davidb Backlog
20:37davidb Will not fix, but will accept a patch
21:06jimmdavidb: fyi, jaws prompt is on inbound
21:07davidbjimm: cool!
9 Sep 2017
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