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8 Aug 2017
05:42firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1388246 filed by
05:42firebot NEW, Assertion failure: origContainer == prevChild->Parent() in [@ mozilla::a11y::DocAccessible::PutChild
07:26firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1388256 filed by intermittent-bug-filer@mozilla.bugs.
07:26firebot NEW, Intermittent accessible/tests/browser/e10s/browser_caching_name.js | Test timed out -
13:27davidbhey all, I was PTO yesterday
13:40jimmdo we have any known problems with the Nightly Start Page and Jaws? I'm testing currently and Jaws isn't able to see the search text input for some reason.
13:42jimmhmm, I guess it's any content not sure the start page
13:42davidbMarcoZ: ^
13:44davidbhey can you check jaws and confirm with jimm in channel?
13:46jimmperformance is still painfully poor
13:47jimmand in the versions I'm working with jaws can't see contet
13:47MarcoZjimm: Interesting... I will have to install the build (I downloaded it after Aaron had sent the link, but not installed it yet).
13:47MarcoZWill take a bit.
13:51jimmfiled bug 1388363'
13:51firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1388363 filed by
13:52firebot NEW, Jaws can't see content
13:55jimmif a link in content has focus, what's the proper way to click it via jaws?
13:56jimmpressing return didn't trigger a navigation. wondering if that's another bug.
13:59jimmthe initial document slurp period is still pretty painful. once you get past that though pages are responsive.
14:02MarcoZLate lunch. Will give you some results after. jimm, davidb.
14:27davidbjimm: do you use vmware on windows?
14:28jimmvmware for this testing
14:29jimm(re on windows, yep)
14:29jimmI'm going to switch to win10 and see if things are better
14:34jimmdavidb: have you heard back from the vfo guys about?
14:34jimm..about their rollout plans?
14:37davidbjimm: no, Carl should be back this week and I've just pinged our thread.
14:37MarcoZjimm: First, I can partially confirm your findings. When launching JAWS, then Nightly, the initial page comes up with a blank virtual buffer. As soon as I switch to a second restored tab, or open a new one, that content is then rendered, and suddenly, the content from the first tab is also there.
14:38MarcoZjimm: However, after a while, especially after loading Gmail, virtual buffer content starts disappearing randomly, tab switches and focus changes are no longer being tracked, and I also can confirm that I often miss out on form fields, not just textareas like in your example.
14:38MarcoZAnd no, I don't see any of these problems with NVDA.
14:45jimmMarcoZ: thanks
14:58MarcoZdavidb: Is BS on today or not?
15:14mbrandtdavidb: r+ I've seen that url
15:15davidbk - yeah i'm just googling around
15:15mbrandthot stuff
15:30firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1388409 filed by
15:30firebot NEW, Long jank issues with JAWS and Nightly on text heavy pages
15:37eeejay:( :)
15:42davidbeeejay: it is all good
15:48eeejayI am exhibiting reverence for Jamie's past contributions and decade's work
15:48eeejaywith a sad face
16:10jimmpfft - with jaws running my win10 image is pegged at 80% cpu use all the time.
16:10jimmno other apps running
16:18jimmjaws + task manager -> 100% cpu use... wtf?
16:31aaronlevIs there a place I could look up usage stats for a11y features in Firefox? I'm curious how many people use it with high contrast mode on windows
16:32eeejayi don't think we record that
17:07jimmaaronlev: do we record high contrast mode in telemetry?
17:08jimmif so you should be able to correlate the two through some data munging.. pretty sure the a11y enabled flag is in telemetry environment data.
18:51davidbwindows HCM is a PITA
18:54eeejaymmm pita
9 Aug 2017
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