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7 Sep 2017
05:28firebotNew Firefox - Disability Access bug 1397609 filed by
05:28firebot ASSIGNED, Fix a11y of bookmark star and Pocket urlbar buttons
07:53alexarnaudHello all :)
15:35firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1397792 filed by
15:35firebot NEW, NVDA is reading the actions only after restart the browser
17:20aklotzsurkov: Sorry, I know I asked this before but I misplaced my notes: What is the newer replacement for IA2 get_relations?
17:22aklotzsurkov: thanks
17:22surkovaklotz: but it may depend on how AT are gooing to use it
17:23aklotzsurkov: I know one of the biggest problems with JAWS performance is that it spends a lot of time in get_relations calls. I think it does it for every accessible.
17:23aklotzsurkov: I was thinking that we could suggest to Brett that they move to relationTargetsOfType.
17:24surkovthen it probably wont help, if the bottleneck is not in AccessilbeRelation object creation
17:24aklotzsurkov: okay
17:24surkovaklotz: that perfectly makes sense of course
17:24aklotzsurkov: yeah, I just don't want to ask them to do a bunch of work that isn't going to help ;-)
17:24surkovId say they need to reduce a number of calls
17:25surkovthey probably dont need to have relations for each and every case
17:25surkovapparantly we have many relatiosn to expose since get_relations is slow?
17:25surkovwhere do we spend most of time?
17:26aklotzsurkov: From what I see in logs, it looks like the there is usually 3 relations
17:26aklotzsurkov: I'll take a new profile and we can go over it
17:26surkovok, it sounds good
17:55eeejaydavidb: how would you resolve
17:55firebotBug 1370723 NEW, Crash near null [@ mozilla::a11y::NotificationController::Shutdown]
17:55eeejayas a dup? worksforme?
17:56eeejaythe associated crash signature problematic
8 Sep 2017
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