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7 Aug 2017
14:50firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1388062 filed by
14:50firebot NEW, Refactor browser aria owns tests
16:29aaronlevMarcoZ: looking at how mozilla handles exposing clickability ... chrome + nvda says "clickable" way too much
16:29aaronlevunrelated, but i noticed you don't expose it for DOMActivate but we do
16:29aaronlevah, MarcoZ is probably afk now
17:32eeejayi thought DOMActivate was going away
18:15aaronleveeejay: good 2 know
18:16eeejaythis is all distant memory..
18:17aaronlevi found a reference to that, so thanks
18:56aaronlevjoanie: it looks like maybe the ARIA role="text" used to exist but no longer does, yet it's listed in core aam
18:58joanieaaronlev: link?
18:59aaronlevsteve faulkner filed this bug in 2015 :
18:59aaronlevit's here in core aam:
18:59aaronlevbut i don't see it listed at all in the aria spec
18:59aaronlevi'm trying to figure out when it was removed
19:00joaniequite some time ago
19:00joanielemme find the exact commit
19:00aaronlevnevermind that's fine
19:00aaronlevduh i should have looked at the draft on tip
19:01aaronlevi'll close it
19:01joanieyou don't need tip
19:02joanieI believe the reason it's still showing in the TR you linked to is we haven't transitioned to CR yet
19:02aaronlevmakes sense
19:02joanieand we're blocked on that by Apple and Microsoft mainly
19:03aaronlevi mean in general i should probably check tip before i bug anyone
19:03joanieat least the latest snapshot
19:03joanieI tend to keep snapshots pretty current
19:04joaniethough usually wait if I expect more changes to come in soon (which I am now)
19:07aaronlevim just happy i can close a bug
8 Aug 2017
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