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5 Jan 2017
04:09firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1328788 filed by intermittent-bug-filer@mozilla.bugs.
04:09firebot NEW, Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | chrome://mochitests/content/a11y/accessible/tests/mochitest/v
21:52tbsaundeaklotz: hrm I've been running bug 1326084 for 10 minutes on linux with asserts at ProxyAccessibleBase.cpp:28 but no crashes or TArray out of bounds asserts, I wonder if the issue is somehow specific to the event queueing stuff
21:52firebotBug is not accessible
21:52tbsaundeactually didn't I mention it seems like there is still a race there?
21:54aklotzI thought I addressed that...
21:54* aklotz looks
21:58tbsaundemaybe you did, haven't looked at the bug yet
6 Jan 2017
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