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19 May 2017
14:28firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1366264 filed by
14:29firebot NEW, Crash in IPCError-browser | PDocAccessibleParent::RecvShowEvent failed to add children
17:19davidbaaronlev: do you have a roadmap in mind on pursuing UIA impl for chrome?
17:19davidband hi
18:55aaronlevdavidb: i don't think we are planning on doing that
18:55aaronlevwhy would we
18:55aaronlevfor narrator?
19:43davidbaaronlev: not sure, I had some idea they were trying to make UIA performant.
19:44davidbI feel like we need to overhaul how we do a11y (as a system)
19:51firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1366374 filed by
19:51firebot NEW, Fail gracefully when a11y COM handler is not registered
20:55tbsaundedavidb: haven't you thought that for a while? also how?
20:57davidbtbsaunde: rumblings from Jamie
20:57davidbI'll probably ping people on it twice a year
20 May 2017
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