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19 Mar 2017
10:56firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1177910 filed by
10:56firebot NEW, add test coverage for aria-roledescription and aria-current
13:22davidbfirebot: huh?
15:20tbsaundenew developements in computer science teaching irc bots to smoke crack
23:26Jamieaklotz, davidb, tbsaunde: We don't compensate for it in any way at this stage, but we've definitely seen the issue. IA2 proxy/OpenOffice/LibreOffice used to do this unintentionally by importing oleacc.idl without importlib oleacc.dll
23:26Jamieaklotz, davidb, tbsaunde: Thus, uninstalling any of these things would mysteriously break MSAA on the user's system. Not nice. Oh, I think MathPlayer did it as well
23:27Jamieaklotz, davidb, tbsaunde: I guess we could work around this using manifest stuff as you suggest, but it doesn't solve the problem for processes which don't themselves have manifest entries for this
23:35tbsaundethat's just lovely
23:35tbsaundetrue you'd have problems for other process, but those other process would have the problem e10s or not right?
20 Mar 2017
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