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18 May 2017
16:30eeejayaklotz: howdy?
16:31eeejayaklotz: so what we need to do (in lieu of having that handler dll in our test platforms) is force handler.enabled to false when running tests, right?
16:32eeejayspecifically a11y tests. not in general
16:39tbsaundenot caught up on bugmail, but why doesn't the handler dll work on test machines?
16:40eeejaytbsaunde: because they just unzip firefox and don't use the installer. the installer touches the registry and "registers" dlls, its a windows thing
16:41eeejaytbsaunde: so we would need to mess with the test machine registries (and differently for each release channel, apparently)
16:41tbsaundeeeejay: err yeah of course, should have remembered that
16:42tbsaundewe should probably deal with handler.enabled = true and unable to load handler gracefully though, that'll happen to anyone just using a zip won't it
16:42eeejaywas just thinking that..
16:43eeejaycan't you test for the dlls existence/registration?
16:49eeejayi guess aklotz would know why not
16:50eeejaybut the user unzipping firefox is a real scenario
16:53tbsaundewell, kind of, but was happens when we fail?
17:01aklotzeeejay: Yeah, I guess we can do that at the same time that we check the pref
17:02aklotzthat would generalize better
17:16eeejayi can spend a day figuring out how to do that
19 May 2017
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