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18 Apr 2017
01:53Jamieaklotz: I saw a few days ago that you noted we should poke at the smart proxy stuff now that it's in nightly. What prefs (if any) do we now need to set? Anything else we should know? Just not sure what has changed since the last build we tried
02:26aklotzJamie: accessibility.handler.enabled = true
02:26aklotzThere's not a lot of caching in there right now, but the foundation work is there
02:26aklotzlive regions is on inbound
02:28Jamieaklotz: Ta. Can you explain how the live region thing actually works? I don't quite get it... and I know there were some changes from what we originally talked about (so as to handle the embedded object fugliness)
02:29Jamieaklotz: Oh, and also... does one still need to set browser.tabs.remote.force-enable? I assume that's needed to override the a11y disable
02:30Jamieor is e10s for a11y on by default in nightly now?
04:59aklotzJamie: a11y is on by default in nightly. The embedded object fugliness is handled by synchronizing the content process with the parent process until the win event has been handled. (We only do the synch stuff when we see the marker character in the text change)
20:28firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1357547 filed by
20:28firebot NEW, Browser menubar menu announcement issues w/e10s
19 Apr 2017
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