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17 May 2017
14:25davidbaklotz: I don't know if BHR (background hang report) data is useful, or if you already look at this stuff... here are reports from the 15th
14:25davidbif you search for 'accessi' you'll hit willrefresh and other sigs
15:20davidbsurkov, eeejay, Marco can't make it to BS today... would you still like to meet?
15:21surkovim flexible
15:23eeejayNothing urgent on my part
15:24davidbok cancelling
16:59firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1365655 filed by
16:59firebot NEW, [meta] e10s+a11y perf
17:14aklotzsort by id
17:14aklotzthat's the bug list we're going through
17:15eeejayaklotz: thanks!
21:18firebotNew Core - Keyboard: Navigation bug 1365757 filed by
21:18firebot NEW, Requesting Keyboard Shortcut Key Screenshots
18 May 2017
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