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17 Jul 2017
13:54MarcoZdavidb: Heyo! 1:1 in ~6 minutes?
13:54davidbMarcoZ: yep!
15:41davidbsurkov, eeejay, yzen, etc... any agenda for BS tomorrow?
15:41davidb(I know MarcoZ has none)
15:42surkovno specific items from me
15:42surkovdo you have spoiler for marcos one?
15:44davidbsurkov: 'none' not 'one' ;)
15:48surkovdamn, how did I read it!
15:52eeejaydavidb: a11y prefs?
15:52eeejaydavidb: i can introduce the doc
15:53davidbeeejay: sounds good... I have email out to suggest we make BS optional tomorrow
15:53davidb(I have a thing/conflict)
15:54surkoveeejay: go with prefs over email then?
16:00eeejaydavidb: yeah, if you won't be there i would cancel
16:00eeejayill send the prefs thing over email. yeah
18 Jul 2017
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