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16 Mar 2017
03:22firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1347787 filed by
03:22firebot NEW, Enable browser_treeupdate_doc.js a11y b-c test on Windows with e10s enabled.
08:10firebotNew Core - Keyboard: Navigation bug 1347835 filed by
08:10firebot NEW, Some input methods can not enter numbers and symbols in XP
18:17yzentbsaunde: hi, is there a way to distinguish which process is the content process for debugging purposes?
18:18tbsaundeyzen: other than just calling XRE_IsContentProcess() you mean?
18:18yzeni mean when attaching to process in the debugger for example
18:19yzendo you know of the way to pick which one is the right one since there's more than 2
18:20tbsaundeyzen: hrm, well what do you want to debug?
18:21yzentbsaunde: that's something JAWS dev is asking, i guess he wants to know how to pick the content process
18:21tbsaundeI don't see why he needs to debug the content process at all
18:22tbsaundeits not like he's running any code there
18:46firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1348043 filed by
18:46firebot NEW, Exception thrown at 0x7634A882 (KernelBase.dll) in firefox.exe: 0x8001010D: An outgoing call cannot
18:48firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1348045 filed by
18:48firebot NEW, Exception thrown at 0x7634A882 (KernelBase.dll) in firefox.exe: 0x800706BA: The RPC server is unavai
19:04* aklotz just learned that Acrobat overwrites MSAA's registry settings to point to its own shit
19:06* aklotz wonders whether Acrobat's uninstaller restores the correct settings or not
19:11tbsaundedavidb: have you not heard stories about people doing this sort of shit with the registry?
19:11davidbi haven't even thought about it for years
19:13tbsaundeI haven't thought deeply about it, but istr reading about this sort of thing somewhere
19:15aklotzdavidb, tbsaunde: I seriously suspect that some of these shenanigans are triggering some of the a11y IPC crashes. Some of our error codes are things like "can't load type library"... which makes me think that the registry has been tampered with on those machines
19:18davidbaklotz: what can we do?
19:18davidb(Was just using NVDA on FF e10s and it was pretty nice)
19:19aklotzdavidb: There's a way for us to override that locally within our own code using an assembly manifest, which would fix problems in our processes at least. I wonder what (if anything) ATs are doing to ensure that MSAA isn't broken in their processes
19:20davidbJamie might know :)
19:22tbsaundeaklotz: yeah, seems like a reasonable theory to me
19:28firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1348069 filed by
19:28firebot ASSIGNED, Robustness against third-party tampering with MSAA registry settings
23:19tbsaundedavidb: see my reply in bug 1346439?
23:19firebot NEW, Crash in RefPtr<T>::assign_assuming_AddRef | RefPtr<T>::assign_with_AddRef | mozilla::a11y::Notifica
23:29davidbtbsaunde: thanks, I think I was mostly there but scribbled wrong.
23:30tbsaundefair enough
23:30tbsaundeI spent a couple hours thinking about it and debugging to really understand it
23:48firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1348148 filed by
23:48firebot NEW, fix assertion failure in Accessible::HandleAccEvent() that there is an ipc doc
17 Mar 2017
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