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15 Feb 2017
02:06Jamietbsaunde: hmm, actually, scrap that; I think it might just be a really really massive table
02:06Jamietbsaunde: I've definitely seen another freeze from time to time, but this isn't it
02:06tbsaundeJamie: hrm ok
11:59firebotNew Firefox - Disability Access bug 1339775 filed by
11:59firebot NEW, Checkboxes to submit a crashed tab or to include URL of page no longer accessible.
12:24firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1339779 filed by
12:24firebot NEW, Crash in mozilla::a11y::DocAccessibleWrap::GetNativeWindow
12:32GijsMarcoZ: I don't suppose there's any chance what you're seeing is the result of an add-on of sorts?
12:32GijsMarcoZ: in about:tabcrashed, I mean
12:33GijsMarcoZ: if not you could probably also get a regression window by just killing the content process in task manager once nightly and its content process are up and running :):)
12:33* Gijs is very puzzled
12:33MarcoZGijs: I don't think so.
12:33MarcoZGijs: I hardly have any add-ons installed.
12:34GijsMarcoZ: odd :)
14:11MarcoZGijs: Indeed! Because what I see in about:tabcrashed looks like ordinary HTML we should be processing just fine. And nothing not covered by tests. The one thing that isn&#39;t there is that these elements are wrapped inside a <form> element.
15:10MarcoZI hate Vidyo!
15:10MarcoZShit software.
15:57tbsaundesmaug: is it possible for a TabParent to recieve a message while IsDestroyed() is true?
16:20smaugmy guess is yes ,but let me read code
16:20smaugexcept that searchfox is still not working
16:20tbsaundeyeah, I guess that sort of makes sense though ugh
16 Feb 2017
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