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13 Jul 2017
15:22eeejayso, i'm playing around with NVDA
15:22eeejayand from what i can tell, it initialized the virtual buffer from within the firefox process. is that right?
15:23eeejayand then it exports its own vbuffer api over dcom
15:23eeejayaklotz: did i get that right?
16:28aklotzeeejay: More or less, yes
16:46davidbaklotz: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
16:48aklotz1thanks davidb
18:21eeejaysurkov: ping?
18:24surkoveeejay: hey
18:25eeejayhey surkov: so i made a bit of a mixup :(
18:25surkovfor aria-owns thing?
18:26eeejaysurkov: yeah, the patch on bug 1376214 fixes 1378257
18:26firebot NEW, Assertion failure: static_cast<uint32_t>(aChild->mIndexInParent) != aNewIndex [@ mozilla::a11y::Acce
18:26eeejayand you are right, i don&#39;t think its a dup anymore
18:27surkovcool, will you please split them?
18:27surkovfor easier understanding
18:27eeejayi&#39;m going to obsolete one, and attach an updated on to the other
14 Jul 2017
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