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11 Sep 2017
13:48firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1398789 filed by intermittent-bug-filer@mozilla.bugs.
13:48firebot NEW, Intermittent accessible/tests/mochitest/pivot/test_virtualcursor.html | Test timed out.
13:51MarcoZdavidb: Hi! 1:1 as usual?
13:54davidbMarcoZ: yep
19:39eeejaysurkov: skip-if = e10s && (os == 'win')
19:41eeejaysurkov: in DocAccessible::UpdateRootElIfNeeded..
19:41eeejaysurkov: should it be possible for mContent to be set to null? i'm not sure how we would recover from that..
19:43firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1398907 filed by
19:43firebot ASSIGNED, Handler registration appends extra null characters to registry value
19:46surkoveeejay: only for a document afaik
19:47surkoveeejay: thanks for the test settings
19:47aklotzAnybody up for a quick review?
19:47eeejayaklotz: sure thing
19:48eeejaysurkov: so !mContent is a totally legit state for a doc accessible?
19:48aklotzeeejay: sent, thanks
19:48surkoveeejay: I think so, if it doesnt have a body I think
19:49eeejaysurkov: doesn&#39;t it fall back to the root (<html>) element?
19:50surkovI vaguely remember details, so Id need to check the code. Guessing I would say that it probably does, but then it has to be a case when theres no root document
19:50surkovroot element
19:50eeejayright.. there is
19:51surkovthere was something about null for mContent on a document for sure
20:26firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1398922 filed by
20:26firebot ASSIGNED, Ensure a11y dlls are registered on update in addition to install
20:48eeejaydavidb: what is p2 these days?
20:52davidbeeejay: roughly speaking... &#39;hope we can fix by FF 59&#39;
20:52eeejayand p1 is 57?
20:53davidbyeah... but we are in the final week or so for 57... so we&#39;re blurring 57/58
20:53eeejayshouldn&#39;t a crash be p1?
20:53davidball these can be revisited.
12 Sep 2017
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