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11 Jan 2017
04:39firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1330206 filed by intermittent-bug-filer@mozilla.bugs.
04:39firebot NEW, Intermittent chrome://mochitests/content/a11y/accessible/tests/mochitest/tree/test_media.html | { te
11:02firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1330278 filed by
11:02firebot NEW, aria-hidden not working in an example on
14:47davidbsigh, my jaws installation process seems hung
14:48MarcoZdavidb: Does it still make those ticking noises?
14:48davidbMarcoZ: it stopped
14:48davidbI mean it was, but silence for ages now.
14:49davidbI have a dialog saying please wait etc
14:49MarcoZdavidb: Any background windows that may wait for something, but didn't manage to get to the foreground?
14:49davidbNo AFAICT
14:50MarcoZHhmmm what stage were you at? Like was it already installing JAWS, or still the prerequisites?
14:50davidb"Downloading FSOmniPage"
14:51MarcoZOh, wait, perhaps for their OCR thingie.
14:51MarcoZThat can't be *that* big.
14:51davidbMarcoZ: I wanted to check for yzen that Jaws crashes or not with nightly
14:51davidbMarcoZ: maybe you tested that already?
14:52MarcoZdavidb: Nope I didn't. Not with E10S at least. I did run Nightly the other day with JAWS, but had E10S off for that because I needed to test something else.
14:53* davidb shakes his fist at the dialog box
14:53davidbwell i'll cancel this and retry
14:53MarcoZSounds like a plan.
14:54tbsaundewell you can always attach a debugger to the installer or see what the process monitor thingy says its doing
14:54davidbi don't have a debugger on this loaner
15:04MarcoZdavidb: Just did a quick test with JAWS 17. It doesn't crash, but it also doesn't give me a virtual cursor yet.
15:08davidbMarcoZ: thanks please connect with yzen on what testing he needs
15:08davidb(I think jaws might have broken sound on my loaner)
15:09* yzen wonders what's up with my VM then...
15:10davidbyzen: did you check the 32 vs 64 bit?
15:10yzendavidb i thought i did but will check again
15:12davidbMarcoZ: ok finally got it running, the re-install didn't guide me with TTS... and running it has no audible TTS but I can see the Jaws pro dialog
15:13davidbcursory check of settings seems right
15:13davidbMaybe windows 8 is not well supported
15:17davidbyzen: jaws 18 pro demo doesn't crash for me on nightly in e10s mode. I start jaws before Firefox. Windows 8.
15:18yzendavidb thanks
15:18davidbi wish jaws pro would talk to me
15:19davidbMarcoZ: does jaws have a visual TTS mode like nvda?
15:19davidbyzen: oh and i installed 64 bit verson.
15:20yzenright i think i have as well
15:21MarcoZdavidb: I *think* it has. But it's been so long that I don't remember where. :-( Or was it just a braille viewer? I don't know.
15:22MarcoZyzen: davidb: You can't install the wrong version of JAWS. The 64 bit version won't install on 32 bit Windows, and the 32 bit version won't install on 64 bit Windows.
15:22yzenMarcoZ yeah that's what i thought
15:22davidbwell that's good
15:23davidbi thought the 32 might install on 64 windows
15:23MarcoZdavidb: No it doesn't I believe.
18:04davidbyzen, eeejay I wonder if one of you would like to loop back with Shane McCarron for an update on his work (automated testing)
18:25yzenok so it looks like if I start local ff build via the .exe file it works with jaws, but still does not if ran via mach run
19:40tbsaundeugh another day another issue that only shows up in marrionete tests on windows
20:21davidbtbsaunde: why does that happen?
20:23tbsaundedavidb: I guess we don't have as good coverage of e10s a11y stuff in browser tests
20:23tbsaundealso some random chance, and it would fine if there was hope you could locally reproduce and debug
20:24tbsaundedavidb: ?
20:25davidbjust worried about coverage
20:27tbsaundedavidb: that's fair, I think there's definitely things covered in mochitests but not browser tests and stuff that isn't tested anyway
20:27tbsaundelatter is obvious I guess if you count platform stuff
20:27tbsaundeI guess joanie's thing may solve that eventually?
20:29davidbtbsaunde: is she setting some testing up?
20:29tbsaundedavidb: last I heard she was doing some stuff to test all browsers through platform API
20:30davidboh good
20:30davidbjoanie: are you working with Shane?
21:35davidbtbsaunde: are there any more findings we can add to bug 1324863?
21:35firebot NEW, Crash in mozilla::a11y::DocAccessibleParent::RemoveChildDoc
22:46tbsaundedavidb: at the moment trying to fix other bugs first awith the hope its a dup of one of the others
23:53davidbthumbs up
23:55tbsaundedavidb: ?
23:56davidblate reply to your last message, meaning okay cool
23:57tbsaundeI see, well my reply was late too
12 Jan 2017
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