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11 Aug 2017
02:32firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1389365 filed by intermittent-bug-filer@mozilla.bugs.
02:32firebot NEW, Intermittent accessible/tests/mochitest/tree/test_tabbrowser.xul | { internal frame: [ document: [ ]
10:59firebotNew Firefox - Disability Access bug 1389446 filed by
11:00firebot NEW, Poor contrast in the add-ons page
13:36davidbyzen: there are some Ux folks you need to chase down on needinfos... (e.g. via Slack probably.
13:36firebotBug 1383051 ASSIGNED, Add a visual indicator when accessibility is enabled
13:37yzendavidb: that screenshot Amy shared yesterday had the private browsing refresh too so it's handled i think
13:37davidbyzen: ok
14:38yzenaklotz: you around ?
16:07firebotNew Firefox - Keyboard Navigation bug 1389540 filed by
16:07firebot UNCONFIRMED, 56.0b1 multiple select in <select>...<option> lists broken
17:25aklotzyzen: hey
17:53Mardakyzen: not sure if github pings you,
12 Aug 2017
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