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10 Jan 2017
00:28firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1329814 filed by
00:28firebot NEW, fix race condition when shutting down a tab
14:38davidbtbsaunde: good morning
14:39davidbThat diagnostic crash should probably be turned off if we have enough data.
14:39davidbUnless you have a fix you want to test in the wild.
14:50firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1329977 filed by
14:50firebot NEW, Fire DOCUMENT_LOAD_COMPLETE event for loaded top level remote docs.
14:52tbsaundedavidb: yeah, I guess I'll turn that off and replace it
14:52davidbtbsaunde: thanks
14:52tbsaundeit says something, but it doesn't really show an actual cause yet
14:53davidbtbsaunde: there was some comment in the bug about starting firefox with gmail as the start page
14:53davidbmight be a lead
14:53tbsaundeyeah I want to try that too
14:53davidboh that was MarcoZ
15:04MarcoZdavidb: tbsaunde: Yes that was me. :-) I am getting a reproducible startup crash since yesterday, and even if Nightly is already started and I switch to Gmail for the first time, and it loads: Boom.
15:46tbsaundeMarcoZ: how is it a startup crash? don't you have to go through the 2fa pages before you get to gmail?
15:47MarcoZtbsaunde: Nope, not always. I have it to save my credentials for easier login when I'm at home, so I don't have to go through that login every morning.
15:48MarcoZSo it only asks me every week or two once.
16:01tbsaundeso bleh I'm seeing bug 1324042 which is perhaps interesting but not the bug I wanted to reproduce
16:01firebotBug is not accessible
16:01tbsaundedavidb: how much do you care about^?
16:02davidbtbsaunde: can you cc me on it?
16:02davidb(i can't access it)
16:02tbsaundedavidb: in a minute
16:02MarcoZNeither can I.
16:05tbsaundeoh, there's a testcase already and rr crashed so I'm not sure I can actually debug it
16:12davidbtbsaunde: ok well if you have any quick thoughts leave them in the bug
16:15tbsaundeI'm still waiting for rr to replay the rest of this, so we'll see
16:36MarcoZdavidb: Want to give Legal (or at least DBriant) a heads-up that the US Section508 refresh has been announced this morning? Incorporating all of WCAG 2.0 A and AA success criteria into the requirement.
16:37davidbMarcoZ: yeah i wanted to look at that
16:37MarcoZAFAICS, companies have 1 year to become compliant, or be subject to complaints/law suits afterwards.
16:37davidbMarcoZ: would you like to file a legal bug?
16:37davidbMarcoZ: scratch that, email legal first
16:37davidb(we can talk offine)
16:38MarcoZdavidb: Yeah I think an e-mail would be nicer. :-)
18:01tbsaundenever using gdocs again would be too soon
19:09davidbyzen: are you waiting on a review from tbsaunde on bug 1206711?
19:09firebot ASSIGNED, Make Window Emulation work in e10s
19:09davidb(I'm curious about that jaws issue... is there a bug for that?)
19:10yzendavidb it would not hurt in case there are some misses, but i would not land it without confirming that it works
19:10* davidb nods
19:10yzendavidb yeah, but 1316099
19:10yzenbug 1316099
19:10firebot NEW, Tab crashes with e10s enabled and JAWS running.
19:11davidbyzen: does that crash require your patch to reproduce?
19:13yzendavidb well on my machine jaws just crashes, but Brett could run somehow without the crash...
20:21davidbyzen: sorry got sidetracked
20:21davidbwould be good to nag brett to be sure he is doing the right STR
20:21davidbyzen: so bug 1316099 doesn't depend on bug 1206711?
20:21firebot NEW Tab crashes with e10s enabled and JAWS running.
20:21firebot ASSIGNED, yzenevich Make Window Emulation work in e10s
20:21davidbor we can't say for sure yet
21:08yzendavidb I dont think so but i will double check
21:08yzenmaybe someone else can try jaws18 with nightly and makes sure that e10s is on and if remote tabs crash
21:10aklotzdavidb, tsbsaunde, yzen: a11y meeting?
21:11tbsaundeaklotz: wasn't sure what was up with calendar invites, but ok
21:12tbsaundeneed to find someone in the office if davidb and yzen aren't around though
21:12yzentbsaunde home now
11 Jan 2017
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