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10 Aug 2017
06:02firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1388987 filed by
06:02firebot NEW, Assertion failure: moved (Failed to put child back.) [@ mozilla::a11y::DocAccessible::PutChildrenBac
18:35davidbaklotz: is it bug 1360308 that created the async mini dumps scenario that we think might be hurting us?
18:35firebot FIXED, ExceptionHandler::WriteMinidumpForChild() can hang for a long time when generating a minidump
18:35aklotzdavidb: correct
18:35davidbmconley seemed to think that the capture might not be async, just the actual dumping?
18:36aklotzdavidb: That's not what the stacks show
18:36aklotzdavidb: I wish that's what it did
18:36mconleyruh roh
18:36mconleyaklotz: you might want to hit up cervantes or gsvelto...
18:37aklotzmconley: I think jimm is going to look into this a bit more, but we definitely need to fix this
18:37davidbah right it is in jimm's capable hands
18:38mconleyI'll interpret that as a confident, reassuring "ha"
18:46jimmMarcoZ: ping, hey how would I know if jaws is configured to auto enter forms mode?
18:49jimmah found a page on this
18:52MarcoZJimm: Yeah it's in their configuration beast somewhere.
19:19jimmI can't repo those form bugs if I use the 'enter' key to enter into form input mode in jaws first. commented in bug 1353818 and ni'd grover for his feedback.
19:19firebot NEW, Slider does not function with JAWS screenreader
19:46jimmaklotz: my perf experience in jaws today is radically better than a few days ago.
19:47aklotzjimm: That's good news
19:47jimmlittle to no page load overhead with my westworld wiki page. I'm really pretty blown away here. :)
20:17mozilla-ircdoes anyone know how to prevent JAWS from reading a firefox title (+mozilla firefox) , and then reading the content of the <title> element immediately afterwards?
11 Aug 2017
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