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21 Mar 2017
03:05yzentbsaunde: you around ?
03:05tbsaundeyzen: yeah
03:07yzentbsaunde: so i got the stack for the top level doc deallocation -
03:08tbsaundeyzen: so that's a normal shutdown of the document, for some reason the child process told it to shut down
03:09tbsaundewhich you can see by DocAccessibleParent::RecvShutdown() being on the stack
03:13yzentbsaunde: right, i just wonder if JAWS somehow gets hold of it and does not update to when the one that sticks is created. I just wonder why there's such sequence in the first place, with creation of top doc and then destruction, is it something like about:blank page that gets created first? if so wold it be in content process?
03:17tbsaundeyzen: I believe about:blank pages are in whatever process is convenient
03:17tbsaundeyzen: I'm not really sure why it happens, but it should be the same as what happens with normal DocAccessibles
03:18tbsaundefor top level docs you send the ctor message from DocAccessible::DoInitialUpdate() so clearly two top level docs got created
03:19tbsaundethe shutdown message in this case came from DocAccessible::Shutdown() I believe, so that's also more or less the same as no e10s
09:53firebotNew Firefox - Disability Access bug 1349152 filed by
09:53firebot NEW, Add Persistent-Storage permission in PermissionPrompts mozscreenshots
14:56firebotNew Core - Disability Access APIs bug 1349223 filed by
14:57firebot NEW, cut aria-hidden tree
20:10aklotzWho knows something about the lifetime of XULTabAccessibles
20:17tbsaundeaklotz: I probably know something, hopefully enough
20:18aklotzIt's a big I'm looking into that isn't really e10s related. I'll ni you
20:18tbsaundea big? ;-)
20:19* aklotz can't type
20:20tbsaundeme either
22 Mar 2017
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