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17 Jan 2017
14:50tbsaundesmaug: so interestingly running the whole mochitest-a11y repros that negative leak, but running just some directories doesn't
15:01smaugcould depend on whether some objects are released running CC or when refcnt just drops to zero or something
15:04tbsaundeI'm not sure how that would, but ok
15:32MarcoZdavidb: Ready when you are. :)
15:32davidbMarcoZ: sorry i need 2 mins
15:34MarcoZdavidb: OK!
15:35* davidb hunts headphones
16:21smaugtbsaunde: back. So yesterday I was looking at some code, and isn't there LastRelease for these objects?
16:21smaugcould that do something unusual
16:21* smaug looks in a minute
16:22tbsaundehrm is there still?
16:23tbsaundesmaug: I managed to isolate a single test that causes this and catch it under rr so just debugging is an option
16:25tbsaundeLastRelease just calls Shutdown() so its not obvious to me how thatwould cause a problem, but I have no ideas here
17 Jan 2017
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