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16 Feb 2017
20:20Commitswithnall master 9a9376c libgrss src/ feed-atom-handler.c feed-pie-handler.c feed-rss-handler.c * src: Add missing NULL checks for XML elements *
20:20Commitswithnall master 7021e8c libgrss src/feed-atom-handler.c * src: Remove some unnecessary NULL checks *
20:20Commitswithnall master 79842ad libgrss src/feeds-publisher.c * src: Fix binding between mode and parameters in publisher *
20:20Commitswithnall master f47bef4 libgrss src/utils.c * src: Fix check for return value from socket() * changed the Status on bug 776115 from NEW --- to RESOLVED FIXED.
20:25bugbotBug General, normal, libgrss-maint, RESOLVED FIXED, Patches for spotted Coverity errors
22:36bugbotNew libgrss bug 778796 filed by
22:36bugbotBug General, normal, libgrss-maint, NEW , feeds-publisher: Use a secure random number generator for nonces
17 Feb 2017
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