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9 Sep 2017
09:38OneSploitHi, how do I make a short-cut in evince for highlighting text in pdf?
09:38OneSploittired of clicking
18:30hussamIs there a channel on this server that is appropriate for general computer questions that are not related to software?
22:22manuelschneid3rare there some gnome devs here?
22:36alatieramanuelschneid3r: probably, go ahead and ask your question
23:00NoNicknameLeftOne question though, are there any gotcha's when using drag and drag over sockets and plugs? I created this example - sorry if the formatting isn't to your liking - which behaves differently from what I expected: It's all hunky dory except for one thing, the "drag_end" handler is never invoked.
23:00NoNicknameLeftWhen using the drag and drop program as standalone, without the plug, the handler is invoked.
23:03NoNicknameLeftIf you wanna test it, just change the name in g_spawn_command_line_async And beware, the process will have to be reaped manually.
23:03manuelschneid3ri have problems with open gl contents in windows. I want to file a bug bug bt I dont even know where to post it. I opened one at freedesktop/DRI but I think its not an error of open gl itself. Rather a bug in the software printing the window arranged to the window borders.
23:10NoNicknameLeftUnder 3.22.19 in debian unstable with xfce
23:28mib_exn7dowhy did gnome change nautilus name to 'files?'
23:28mib_exn7doare they taking drugs or something?
23:29mib_exn7doI can't view thumbnail previews and there's no option for it now
23:29mib_exn7doI might try a different desktop environment next time I install a distro....gnome is ****ing me
10 Sep 2017
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