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9 Oct 2017
15:32deanhm, my gnome-shell dies everytime i close a window
15:32deanand proprietary nvidia driver
15:34bugbotBug 788666: gnome-shell, major, Normal, ---, gnome-shell-maint, NEW , Gnome 3.26 with Xorg backend crashes when I close a maximized app
16:49deanso i guess everyone is on wayland then?
16:52deando you recommend going with nouveau for the time being?
21:07RezBrainDstHey guys. Can someone tell me how to turn of my secondary monitor in Gnome 3.26?
21:07RezBrainDstIt use to be very easy in the previous version
21:11abonoRezBrainDst: it is the "single display" option
21:18RezBrainDstGreat @abono. Let me try that
21:19RezBrainDstPerfect. It worked well. Thanks!
21:21Peetz0rHello! How do I disable a device like the internal keyboard on gnome/wayland/libinput?
21:22Peetz0roh btw, I need a scriptable solution
10 Oct 2017
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