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9 Jan 2017
05:15mozammel_I'm using ubuntu 16.10, GNOME , the left-bottom corner system trey cant unhide by mouse point click or hovering. any suggestion for fix please ?
07:19voxadamIs there a way to remove the "Move to monitor {left|right}" menu item from the title bar context menu?
08:22nithinanybody here?
08:23nithinI have an issue with shotwell app
08:23nithinI can't change the background
08:23nithinIt was working in fedora 25 - Gnome
08:24nithinbut now I have ubuntu gnome
14:26userHi, Is there a way to make Nautilus left bar blurred and transparent like this?
14:31adayuser: not right now. maybe in the future
14:32userThank you
16:25adsworthanyone know of an app written in python that uses GtkSourceView and has search and replace? I'm wondering whether I have to build the search and replace dialog myself or if there is a standard dialog in PyGTK that I can use. My current google foo hasn't turned up anything useful.
10 Jan 2017
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