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9 Aug 2017
00:05CharlesICim having problems printing in gnome apps
00:05CharlesICgetting "printer error" in print setup
00:05CharlesICbut in non-gnome apps, i can print
00:17steelcowboyHello, does anyone know why I can't join the #gtk+ channel?
14:47fresh_airHello everyone! I've been playing around with gnome, and for whatever reason there is an app bar on the left side of the screen. Does anyone know how to apply autohide to it?
18:58MathCubes!help is there any way to change the abbreviations of keyboard layouts that are shown in the keyboard indicator on the panel?
18:58MathCubesSay form "en1" to "Eng 1"?
19:05MathCubesAnyone on?
10 Aug 2017
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