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8 Sep 2017
10:37islandofcalmnessHi! Can someone please help me with HDMI hotplug under GNOME 3.25 wayland session?
17:00grayghostfedora 26 new install gnome ... would like to get my wacom tablet working .... any hope ?
17:01grayghosttablet works .. but can not configure the buttons
17:25andregrayghost: bug report?
21:20bjsnideris the 3.26 default bg slowly changing tint over the course of the day? it always ends up dark red
23:35ParkerRDidn't realize I was disconnected... :/
23:38ParkerRAnd via the logs, no answer to my question. Figured as much (not a regular request. Might have to dig into the mutter source)
9 Sep 2017
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