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8 Jan 2017
05:02anup108is it necessary to use ubuntu 16.10 for contributing, I am using 16.04.1 currently, the problem is that 16.10 is only supported till july 2017
07:38psyk_can someone help me? only some of my musin is showing up in gnome-music
08:26onecan someone help me? gnomne-music is not finding all my music
22:37alfacehi folks, i'm using Gnome on Arch, i've noticed that the icons in drop menus are missing, does anybody know how to fix it, please?
22:37alfacein Inkscape and Libreoffice
22:51Capum321hello need some help with irc server/client configuration
22:52Capum321about set up a sasl connect to
22:53Capum321I entered the sasl username and password in the proper client configuration, and still the server is asking for my identificaion (nickserv) ?
22:53Capum321i did this with freenode and it is ok, i guess iirc
9 Jan 2017
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