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8 Aug 2017
07:35timofonicHow would you adapt the following script for GDM (Gnome Display Manager)? If you want direct contact, you can reach an reach zhenyuw (developer from Intel in China, as you can guess by the nickname) at #intel-gfx @ freenode
14:43beAstyI just installed Tracker on my laptop (i7,16GB RAM and 512GB SSD) and it seems like the scanning has finished. How ever, the "Extractor" is "Extracting metadata" for ever?
14:43beAstyIt's been 2 hours.. I now did a reboot and it still sits at 0% according to "tracker daemon -f"
14:43beAstyAlso the extractor eats up around 25% of my i7 CPU.
14:44csorianobeAsty (IRC): if you have many archives it could take time yes
14:45beAstyHmm.. but I don't really have many archives :o
14:45beAstyAlso with my i7 and the SSD the extracting should be quite fast
14:46beAsty10GB take like 2-3 minutes ? ... I am still at 0% after 2 hours
14:46nekobeAsty: nope not really, it might be slowed down artificially not to affect performance
14:46nekonot sure how to word it in another way in english but hope it makes sense
14:46beAstyCould but.. but it isn't
14:46beAstythe extractor takes up 25% CPU usage of my i/
14:47beAstyi7*.... thats just as much as if I would extract smht manually
14:47csorianoweird, might worth to ask in #nautilus channel to garnacho, or file a bug with some more info
14:47beAsty08 Aug 2017, 16:47:36: 0% Extractor - Extracting metadata
22:14ice9when gnome 3.26 will be released? and which version will be using GTK4?
9 Aug 2017
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