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7 Sep 2017
01:19hThoreauRecently, after I've restarted gnome-shell after setting up a GTK 3.0 .css file for it, it started producimg an odd behaviour.
01:19hThoreauIt has notting to do with the css files, rather, to keybindings.
01:21hThoreauI've setup for custom keyboard shortchuts to launch my Terminal, Nautilus, Hexchat and to lock my screen.
01:21hThoreauAfter the reset, those for launching Nautilus and Hexchat stop working.
01:23hThoreauI change then, to launch gedit, just in order to troubleshoot, and they then resume working at their original functions, I change them again, and now they launch gedit.
01:26hThoreauIt seems, then, that the keyboard shortcuts window is displaying a new keybinding, but the one that's actually in place is the one previously listed.
01:27hThoreauWorse, I've got installed a Window tiling shell extension called "shellshape" it also has its on shortcuts, which can be set through Dconf.
01:29hThoreauNow, its shortcuts don't work at all, even though their listed by Dconf.
01:29hThoreauAnd that, is the end of this story.
01:30hThoreauSo, suggestions, questions, lols?
01:36hThoreauOh, by the way, Dconf describes these custom shortcuts I've created through the keyboard settings as having "no schema"
05:57ksqsf_hi, is there any plan for "visible" error reporting: if a program fails to start, an error window pops up instead of keeping silent?
11:20hThoreauI'm looking so set a keyboard shortcut using Dconf.
11:21hThoreauMy keyboard is portuguese, it has a c cedilla key .
11:21hThoreauBut Dconf does not recognize outright. Hiw could I refer to this key?
15:22ibonHi, I have a question about Nautilus and it's sidebar. I've been trying to search about it in Gnome's Help, but I've been unable to find it. Question is: when you try to open a file from another application (say Thunderbird for instance) and the Nautilus window show up to let you choose the file, is there any way to make Nautilus show your remote server locations bookmarks in the sidebar?
15:56nielsdgibon: Not the most knowledgeable person on that subject here, but the file dialog you see is not Nautilus, but a GtkFileChooser
16:00ibonOh!, let me see...
16:03ibonMmm, I can't identify it as a separate process (ps or top). I will try to find any info regarding this window (GtkFileChooser) and the topic I'm looking for...
16:18nielsdgibon: It's not a separate process, it's part of the Gtk library which those apps use
16:19ibonYes, you are right. I'm reading some messages from different sources and I'm starting to understand how things are working regarding this topic :)
16:31ibonThis thread is very interesting about the topic:
16:31ibonSeems to be a bug in GTK+3
16:32ibonAt the end there is a link to an updated bug entry in bugzilla:
16:33ibonIn there is a recent patch, updated some hours from now! :D
16:36ibonSo, I will wait for the most recent compilation of GTK+3 and see if includes this bug correction :)
16:36ibonnielsdg: thanks! ;)
16:37nielsdgibon: np! Glad I could help ;-)
16:39hthoreauI'm having this problem with custom keyboard shortcuts.
16:40hthoreauThis is one example, taken from a dconf dump:
16:40hthoreauIt isn't triggering this bash script I've created, though I'm able to do so through the terminal.
16:41hthoreauSetting keyboard shortcuts, previously, has also shown some erratic behavior.
16:42hthoreauThe configuration in efect whould've been the previous one that was assigned to to shortcut.
16:44hthoreauFor example, If I were to assign a shortcut with "nautilus", and then "gedit", and "nautilus" again after that, at first the shortcut whould not work, then it would invoke nautilus, and then gedit.
16:46hthoreauSo in order to have a nautilus shortcut, I would the assign it twice. So that the description would match the effect. This strategy didn't work for invoking this bash script though. It doesn't get invoked at all.
23:52ParkerRIs there any way to disable the "Wait or kill" dialog box? In this case it erroneous but if I dimiss it I cant get back to the game
8 Sep 2017
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