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7 Jan 2017
03:05a3rpHaany one can hear me??
03:06a3rpHai've recently updated my opensuse linux ditro from leap 42.1 to 42.2
03:06a3rpHawhich come with gnome ver 3.20.2 (the prev came with 3.16.2)
03:06a3rpHamy problem is the fonts in the new distro looks small, dense and blurry and really hearts my eyes
03:06a3rpHaas i spend all of my time looking at the copmuter screen
03:06a3rpHaif you look at the following pics you will see the different between the two versions:
03:06a3rpHathe gnome-tweak-tool shows fonts are the same in both versions which isn't true:
03:06a3rpHamy question is
03:06a3rpHa1-how can i know the exact font name currently used(for ex:in firefox i can right click an element then chose inspect elemnet to know the font) ?
03:06a3rpHa2-how can i set the font in 3.20 to look like the one in 3.16?
04:12a3rpHaany one can hear me
04:14a3rpHacan any one hear me
04:14a3rpHatest ... test
05:38ananashi a3rpHa,
05:38ananasCantarell the default GNOME font has had lots of improvements for 3.20
05:51ananasprobably, it's possible to copy old font from /usr/share/fonts/abattis-cantarell to new distro
05:54ananasor just change size/scaling factor
11:07vectcould you please tell me if you have got any gtk programming newsgroup in usenet?
11:07vect like (this group on xcb)
17:15alejo4373Hello! could someone help me with a script Im creating. Im using zenity to display a warning that my battery is low and I want to close the warining when I plug the charger. I could link the plug in event to the killall comand and kill the warning but instead I would like to send to the zenity warning a click of its OK button but I dont seem to find any clues.
17:58alejo4373hi FastOs
17:58FastOSI have a channel on youtube about linux, I would like to do an interview with some Gnome dev about Wayland
17:58FastOSMy channel is from Brazil
17:59FastOSAny email contact?
18:11alejo4373Im sorry im not a expert im just a newbie
8 Jan 2017
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