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7 Aug 2017
19:11tmendesHi there. I have a question about gnome-terminal. I have a profile (the default one) that tells gnome-terminal to run tmux when I open a new terminal. It works pretty good! Every time I click on the gnome-terminal icon or turn it using the search box I'm having tmux open!! The problem is when I create a desktop file like "mutt" where I call the mutt binary using "Exec=mutt" and say "Terminal =
19:11tmendesin this case it will use my profile but will not use tmux
19:12tmendesAm I doing something wrong here with the desktop file or is that a gnome-terminal bug?
19:12dboleswell, it's just doing what you asked... isn't it?
19:13dbolesoh, sorry, i misread; i thought you meant it was opening multiple instances of tmux
19:13dboles.desktop files are not executed via gnome-terminal
19:15tmendesdboles: my desktop file is not calling tmux but calling mutt and setting the terminal option as true.
19:15dbolesi just can't read at all tonight :)
19:15tmendesdboles: gnome-terminal has tmux as "Custom command" and "Run a custom command instead of my shell" on
19:17tmendesdboles: no worries...the text was toooo long! :O
8 Aug 2017
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