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6 Jan 2017
12:21deanwhat is the difference between flatpack and snap? My impression was that flatpack focuses and desktop apps while snap also allows you to bundle server apps pretty well
12:21deanso snap feels kinda like docker containers
12:38adaydean: that's covered a bit in
14:31daytonbIs there a way in Gnome3 to switch to a window by its name/title?
14:33daytonbFor example, in KDE if you hit Alt-F2 and type an application name it launches an application by default though you can use arrow keys to select one of the open instances of the application
14:35daytonbIf one instance of an application has a unique title, say a terminal with the title "mychat" then typing "mychat" into the Alt-F2 search switches you to that window.
14:35daytonbI'm wondering if something similar can be done in Gnome3.
14:42adaydaytonb: not that i know of. interesting idea though
15:09daytonbI forgot how integral extensions were to Gnome3
15:09daytonbThere's a gnome-shell extension for what I was looking for: window-search-provider
7 Jan 2017
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