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6 Aug 2017
02:43steelcowboyHi, do you guys know anything about Night Light not working with a dual-monitor configuration?
03:14steelcowboyIt works on my right monitor but not my left, and it doesn't seem to matter which is the primary
13:53TopSekret_Quick question about the GNOME wiki
13:53TopSekret_Why can't I do anything, even create a home page?
14:36Introoteris there any work on making a better native programming firendly editor for gnome
14:37Introoterthat lies between simple editing with gedit and project stuff with builder
14:39gnunnlntrooter: Would love to see that personally, thought about doing it myself but no time unfortunately
14:41t0byOh, you mean emac^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H wouldn't know about that
7 Aug 2017
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