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5 Jan 2017
14:21faiegaHi guys, I tried to set my my screen to turn 90 degree, but gnome crashed into the change, which I would not mind that much if the system would still work, but it does not, gnome settings open up with a black screen terminal open up empty, gnome-system-monitor does not show anything but a black screen, same for Nautilus etc, at the same time FF and TB works just fine, where should I search for the error ?
14:23borschtydoes xterm work? if so, try starting gnome-control-center from there and check the output
14:23faiegaI use LTS Ubuntu with GDM3 and whichever version gnome comes with that, as soon as I can open up at least a terminal then I can give more useful info, right now I'm on tty1 to try to find some logs to see what the error is, and on tty2 to run browsers and etc, which works just fine
14:26faieganice one xterm does work I tried gnome terminal and terminator yet but xterm does work, I got few messages there but all of them "just" warring, I try to copy it somehow
14:29faieganah that does not look like the real error I got the same few times (missing desktop file) on gufw / landsape / language / ubuntuone
14:31faiegaok at least with xterm I can look around for logs from the same tty but yet still no error shown why all the windows are black
14:34faiegaI'm happy to hit it with an axe if that's going to help, but my experience show otherwise, so any idea is appreciated
14:37borschtywhich version of ubuntu?
14:40faiega16.04.1 LTS so the gnome-shell is 3.18.5
14:44borschtywhat do you mean by "gnome crashed into the change"?
14:44borschtydid you get logged out?
14:51faiegano it did captured the error and offered me to report it ( which I did ) and then recovered itself, but from that point on I had only black windows everywhere, so with I tried to start a new session by log out and login again, that did not helped so I rebooted the system same, no effect, in case I already removed the gnome desktop env and installed it back still nothing ( yet I pulled out the big axe ) so I'm here now
14:54faiegaI mean whoopsie captured the error, I still have it in my /var/crash folder but for me it does not look to useful
14:55borschtycan you pastebin your ~/.config/monitors.xml?
14:58faiegaas soon as I found something where I can copy from xterm does not have clipboard support, and gedit and things like that does not open up to be able to open up the config file
15:00borschtypastebinit or fpaste
15:01borschtyor you can select the text in xterm and paste it using the middle mouse button
15:01faiegabut liberoffice does work :D Ok here it comes notes, the first config is when at home I use the only one external monitor,the second part is when at work I use two extra from the dock, but right now I have no attached external monitor at all ( I tried to rule out any error )
15:03borschtydid you maybe install an update before this happened or modified your theme?
15:04faiegaI can check the dpkg log, to verify if there was any security automatic updates done, but not what I did myself, give a sec
15:05borschtyi mean in the time between the last boot before the crash up until the crash
15:06borschtyso that the crash might not have been the reason for the issue, but just what caused the restart that allowed the bug to show up
15:08faiegaI use automatic runtime kernel updates, and automatic security updates on system package, I think for few month I have not restarted the Laptop so this will be hard to rule out, but the last package update was from few days ago ( 2nd of Jan ) if that is any useful info
15:09borschtydoes "env GDK_RENDERING=image gnome-control-center" work?
15:11faiegagive a sec I'm checking for typos, the first try failed running as the current user in xterm, same warnings only as before
15:14faiegabtw if that's anything in Liberoffice and FF the file picker dialog is working and rendering correctly
15:33faiegaat least I I would be able to give an error message or a related log, but I can't find anything, usually the start up gui stuff from cli and it will puke out logs back to the cli where it's started from trick does not worked either, it's look like gnome thinks it's all OK, and for his credit look like the buttons are there, I tried to click on the black things on the settings and I got into some submenu item, so it must kind of work, I just c
15:36borschtyand you are running gnome-shell right now?
15:37faiegathat is the default i have no other DE installed
15:39borschtygsettings get org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme
15:40borschtydo you have a file called ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css?
15:41faiegaonly bookmarks and setting.ini in that folder
15:42borschtyis there a ~/.local/share/themes/Adwaita?
15:43faiegaup to ~/.local/share only not even the themes exist
15:44borschtywas ~/.xsession-errors modified recently?
15:45faiegaalmost a month ago Dec 2 ( rw on my user only )
15:49borschtyis there anything in the systemd journal? (not sure if 16.04 uses that already)
15:50faiegayes systemd and journal is the default init system, but no I have not found any remotely related log in that
15:51borschtyit might not be from gnome, but from X or something like that
15:54faiegaI keep digging
20:47faiegaI'm about to give up ... I reinstalled gdm3 gnome-shell xorg and still just just black stuff on any gnome app, settings terminal etc
20:47faiegajust reading back the logs now in case someone was around and give me the super one liner solution
20:49faieganice as far as I see there is no activity on the channel since at all, well at least I have not missed the solution just yet
20:57borschtydoes it still happen if you switch to a different user?
21:03faiegayeah that was an other idea I tried and yes it does on other ( new ) users as well, I could not tested with other existing user as I had no other user
21:06borschtyanything in dmesg?
21:19faiega(Nothing has been log yet.)
21:50faiegaOK I went pretty radical, and now it's resolved, but yet I still don't know what caused the error or why it was not erroring at all in cli, I did a
21:50faiegadpkg -l | cut -f3 -d" " | xargs apt-get install -y --reinstall -t xenial
21:51faiegabrutal and took ages but now it is working so after 4 hours my normal end of the working day, I can start to catch up with the afternoon stuff :( , Thanks for the help anyway
21:52borschtywere you running an update when gnome crashed?
21:58faiegano, unless stuff was runing in the background but have not found logs about half-installed packages in the dpkg.log
6 Jan 2017
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