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21 Apr 2017
01:15wismithHello :)
11:09deadmetalerCan GNOME do thumbnail images of RAW photo files?
11:14deadmetalerI'm using ufraw-thumbnailer in Arch linux, but after upgrading from 3.22 to 3.24 and some investigation I don't see any thumbnails of my Canon's CR2 files. And if I downgrade gnome-desktop to 3.22 then thumbnails are shown again. It is happend after
11:17alatieradeadmetaler: I imagine that you talk about nautilus, gnome's file manager in witch case you should probably ask at #nautilus
15:28podbayis down?
16:29patdavidwebsites down?
17:55anon9002Is down for anyone else?
17:56patdavidnetwork problems
22 Apr 2017
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