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20 Mar 2017
15:29ondraHello GNOMErs!
15:30andreBye ondra!
18:59technochipsyes hello
19:13thoreauI created a script to create button mapping profiles for Cintiq 13HD, tailored for each application. These profiles are then loaded by the tablet on the fly, as soon as the listed applications come into focus.
19:14thoreauThe problem is, that to detect the application in focus dynamically, I resorted to run this script on a loop from startup.
19:16thoreauI would like to know if there was a way to trigger this script by the event of having an application com into focus.
19:17thoreauI would make it much simpler, then. Could I do that using GNOME's window manager?
19:25Batwheelrideri am new to the Ubuntu, but i still don't understand the sh't
19:28dbolesAre you using the GNOME Desktop or some of its applications on Ubuntu? Please clarify what you would like help about
19:30Batwheelrideryes, i tried to open gnome, so i don't understand the files
19:30technochipswhat do you mean?
19:32Batwheelrideri want to have full install
19:33dbolesare you using or have you already seen
19:33technochipsare you trying to install Ubuntu GNOME on a new machine, or on a machine with UBUNTU on it?
19:33dbolesthat is the official way to get the full GNOME desktop on Ubuntu
19:34technochipsif you want to install Ubuntu GNOME on a machine with Ubuntu on it, open a new terminal and type:
19:34technochipssudo apt install gnome-desktop
19:36technochipssearch "Terminal"
19:36technochipsor press ctrl+alt+t to open the terminal
19:37technochipsonce you typed the command, it should tells you to type your password
19:38technochipsonce it's finished installing, restart your computer and you'll have the full gnome desktop
20:04technochipsthat will be 4999.99$
21:57technochipsthat's a lot of leaving and joining
22:07andretechnochips, not really
21 Mar 2017
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