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20 Apr 2017
03:15geekis there a way to set mouse right button behaviour when present windows? I don't know how to call it, the overview mode activated from top left
03:15geekI want to right click and it send the window one workspace down
03:15geekbut I guess it's only possible with extension? didn't find any settings for that
03:18geekwell I guess this channel is not for support
03:18geekasked some questions here for a few days and no one replied
03:46philuk86is this the correct place to ask gjs questions?
09:07aday[m]philuk86: #gtk+ is the best bet for development questions, i think
14:56wyrewhat could be causing all of these errors?
14:59andrewyre: that is written in each line.
14:59andre(the name of the application that causes the error)
15:00wyreyeah, but I was wondering if they could be related
15:00wyrein someway
15:00andreimpossible to say with more details.
15:01wyreandre, I had issues with my SATA port
15:01wyreand I've needed run fsck on my HDD
15:01wyregnome has been setup by default after :(
15:02wyremaybe that has affected also these binaries
15:02wyreI would need fix it one by one? or maybe could I reinstall them?
15:02wyreor reconfigure them
15:34wyrecannot somebody explain my something about that nautilus warnings even?
16:07andrewyre: again, hard without any more info. What do you do when it shows "connect() failed"?
16:07wyreandre, nothing
16:07wyreandre, that's a fresh boot
16:07andreso why do you worry?
16:07wyrethat should not be there, I thing :S
16:08andreThere are likely more folks on the interwebs. For example
16:08bugbotBug 1397083: Fedora, medium, unspecified, ---, extras-orphan, NEW , nautilus-deskto :Can not calculate _NET_NUMBER_OF_DESKTOPS
16:08andremaybe folks in #nautilus know more
16:08wyremm ok :)
16:08wyrety andre
16:10csorianowyre: what distro?
16:10wyrecsoriano, ArchLinux
19:45KosticMan, jhbuild really grew on me. Maybe I will even miss it after the flatpak's world domination.
19:47csorianoKostic: not really, if it'snot jhbuild we will have another thing. We still need to build all the platform and libraries :)
21 Apr 2017
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