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19 May 2017
02:16hughI've got my wireless xbox 360 working with kodi on ubuntu. Is there a way to map the big 'xbox' button in the middle to
02:16hughlauch/focus Kodi?
02:19hughI suppose I could use a program to map that button to the command 'kodi', however its behaviour would need to be dependent on context - launching Kodi if it's not running, or bringing it to the foreground if it's in another workspace. When Kodi is focussed, it should not do anything since this button is used within Kodi
07:09alex_Hi good day everybody, I like gnome-shell very much, thank you for the dev-effort. I would like to know one thing, that is how can I deactivate GJS
07:10alex_GJS (the javascript) crashes my shell (and consequently all my open programs) relyably 2 times a day
07:10alex_Please somebody tell me that there is a switch to get rid of the GJS
15:28ice9there are some artificats for different applicatios upon wakeup when using Wayland, any solution about that?
15:29ice9also sometimes it happens after using the apps for long time even before a sleep
15:30ice9if i resized the window, the aritifacts disappear
16:59ptomato[m]alex_: there is no way to deactivate GJS. that's the technology that gnome-shell is built on
17:00ptomato[m]if you can help track down the bug then we can fix it for everyone :-P
17:00bugbotBug 781799: gjs, critical, Normal, ---, gjs-maint, NEW , gnome-shell 3.24.1 crash on wayland
17:01ptomato[m]alex_: as a workaround you can log in to an Xorg session instead of Wayland, then at least all your open programs will not crash
21:01dazoHi, any developers here who knows something about using g_bus_own_name() and owning system bus names ... In my code, only the GBusNameLostCallback is called, and I don't understand why
21:03dazoI've also tried establishing the connection separately, which happens successfully with g_bus_get_sync(G_BUS_TYPE_SYSTEM...) .... but g_bus_own_name_on_connection() still calls the GBusNameLostCallback callback :/
21:03dazohow can I debug what is happening?
21:14dazomeh .... it was the d-bus daemon playing tricks on me ... it didn't pull in my system bus policy before I did a 'systemctl reload dbus' .... weird ...
21:15dazo(this policy have been on disk for many weeks already)
20 May 2017
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