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19 Apr 2017
02:20geekany good news about gnome 3.26 planning something great? because 3.24 don't have any exciting feature
02:30geekit there any way to log gnome notifications?
09:57aday[m]geek: 3.24 has plenty of exciting features! at least, i think so
15:00technochipsdoes anyone have any footage of early versions of gnome?
15:02andrethe interwebs should have!
16:18aday[m]technochips: there's a collection of old screenshots in the gnome owncloud instance -
20:17rektideI upgraded my Ubuntu and now my vim-gtk3 font picker is totally different and doesn't show my preferred font- Ricty Diminished
20:17rektideAny suggestions for debugging, fixing, or other?
20:17rektideThis really sucks. :'(
20:18rektideI have no idea what powers the font-picker- is there a daemon or is it traversing the filesystem itself to find candidates?
20:21Falk[m]rektide: can you find the font you mentioned in the gnome font viewer application?
20:34rektideFalk[m]: yeah, "Ricty Diminished" is there
20:40rektidesomeone in #vim asked if the font was monospaced- it *looks* monospaced but I'm not sure how to give him a definite answer.
20:40rektideDo fonts have any kind of attribute to declare as such?
20:49borschtyrektide, what does "fc-query" say about "spacing"?
20:55borschtyif it is not 100, it is not a proper monospaced font
20:55rektideborschty: 'fc-query /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ricty-diminished/RictyDiminished-Regular.ttf | grep -i spac' doesn't show anything at all
20:56rektidethere is a width: 100(i)(s) ?
20:56rektidebut i take it that's different
20:56borschtyyes, that's different
20:56rektidethere's no other option I need to pass in to fc-query to get spacing?
20:56rektideborschty: you are awsome and fabulous and thank you 1000x for showing me where to look for this. Huzzah! You rock, thanks.
20:58rektideI really would have never figured out how to find that out
20 Apr 2017
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