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18 Mar 2017
00:34adamahi* :)
00:35adamahow I can know if I'm using wayland?
00:35adamawith gnome?
00:35adama(sorry for this noob question)
01:13dsr1204adama: On htop or gnome-system-monitor look for gdm-wayland-session
16:26smallfoot-I use GNOME and when I go to websites, I want to see pretty emojis, right? I can't
16:26smallfoot-on websites the emojis are pretty on Windows, but not on GNOME
16:33Jackneilli'd like help with gdm, but #gdm seems dead
16:34Jackneillthe gdm login screen is pretty empty, i cant choose which wm to use
16:34Jackneillwith the default theme
16:37smallfoot-you chose theme after you login
16:37smallfoot-the GDM i suppose is kept simple intentionally
17:31Jackneillsmallfoot-, but how?
17:31Jackneillwith what tool?
17:32Jackneill sudo gdmshelltheme -n Numix-SX-Dark [18:34:57]
17:32Jackneill[sudo] password for jackneill:
17:32JackneillTraceback (most recent call last):
17:32Jackneill File &quot;/usr/bin/gdmshelltheme&quot;, line 87, in <module>
17:32Jackneill Set_Shell_theme(arg)
17:32Jackneill File &quot;/usr/bin/gdmshelltheme&quot;, line 22, in Set_Shell_theme
17:32Jackneill theme = Get_Shell_theme()
17:32Jackneill File &quot;/usr/bin/gdmshelltheme&quot;, line 10, in Get_Shell_theme
17:32Jackneill ifile = file(&#39;/usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gnome-shell.css&#39;,&quot;r&quot;)
17:32JackneillIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: &#39;/usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gnome-shell.css&#39;
17:32Jackneill(im uisng archlinux)
22:17kuldeepAny VT100 (or VT100 family) terminal owner here?
19 Mar 2017
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