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18 Apr 2017
02:39geekhow do I hide or remove open terminal from nautilus context menu?
02:40geekI don't have any package installed containing nautilus-open-terminal
02:42geekwell I remember now
02:42geekuninstalling gnome-terminal will disable this menu, let me try
05:15geekanyone recommends any font that looks good in the top panel?
05:15geekI have my own theme, I am testing some fonts
13:56da2xHi. Is there anyway to get partial matches when searching in the activity overview? E.g. searching for lator doesnt find the Calculator app.
13:59aday[m]da2x: not that i know of. it would be good to have that functionality, though
14:01da2xI keep searching for stuff like alculator because I start typing too early for GNOME.
14:01da2xI think my number #1 search is refox.
14:07bugbotBug 753102: glib, enhancement, Normal, ---, gtkdev, NEW , Approximate string search for applications in activities search
15:42shentinoHey, how actively maintained is gnome-mud? I wanted to report a bug
16:03andreshentino, go to and click "activity" in the lower right corner?
17:48fadaviwhats the best IDE for GTK3.x programming?
21:12muhannad__Hi, is there a channel for gnome-translators ?
21:14muhannad__becuse I have some question about translation.
22:12GPHemsleymuhannad__: Have you tried #i18n ?
22:13muhannad__GPHemsley: no, I just join it, thanks.
23:45mooshoe[m]fadavi vala is nice
19 Apr 2017
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