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17 May 2017
02:44dsr1014Hey guys os there a vinagre channel?
10:39geekwhy gnome is changing for gitlab, why not github?
10:40geekis this the kind of service that gnome will rely on ?
10:41geekwhat's wrong with github?
10:41aday[m]geek: github isn't free software
10:42geekaday[m], isn't free for opensource?
10:42aday[m]geek: gnome would host gitlab itself, so hosting issues would be our responsibility
10:42aday[m]geek: free as in speech, not as in beer
10:44geekI see your point
10:44geekbut in my personal opnion I don't trust in this gitlab, better gnome stay on the old way
10:55jimmac[m]geek: if you trust gnome hosting now, you can continue trusting it in the future
11:00geekjimmac[m], I trust in the gnome team, not in the gitlab, in case it changes to gitlab, better make backups somewhere else
11:00jimmac[m]as allan mentioned, we would not be using gitlab hosting
11:05geekjimmac[m], that's good news
17:23skepticismHi, is there any way to completely remove titlebars for windows with server side decorations, either with a GTK theme or otherwise?
17:24skepticismi tried recompiling mutter with "window->mwm_border_only = TRUE;" in "/src/core/window.c"
17:24skepticismbut that only worked for some applications (not GTK ones)
18:32Black_Princegtk probably prefers CSD
18:39skepticismit also happens in other applications with SSD like thunar and firefox
18:39skepticismit still shows the menubar
19:09AndroUser2Do you guys know how to deactivate the top left hotcorner in the looking Glass shell?
19:10AndroUser2Without the extension
19:12borschtythe code would look very similar to the extension
19:14borschtyyou can probably skip the consts in the beginning and just use the code from inside the _disable_hot_corners function
19:14AndroUser2Mmmm let me try
19:15AndroUser2Thanks @borschty
19:56ice9gnome-shell is native wayland client or only Xorg?
20:01borschtygnome-shell is a wayland compositor/display server
20:05ice9xlsclients lists gnome-shell
20:12borschtyin X the WM is also a client
20:13borschtywhat is your actual question?
20:13ice9can i run gnom-shell with weston?
18 May 2017
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