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17 Feb 2017
08:38julius_my evolution tries to get the data for the calendar and its todo list, 1) it always fails with errors, 2) i dont want to use those two. where do i disable that?
13:08skyzohkey_Hey guys, just found a bug in Gtk+3
13:08skyzohkey_When you have childs in a button, they are not translated when using gettext, but gettext is still able to extract the strings from them... :x
13:09skyzohkey_Using Gtk 3.18 with vala 0.30
13:09skyzohkey_ah, and the tooltips of these child widgets are not translated too
13:13skyzohkey_+ Gtk.Image should scale like a regular widget if the file is an SVG image. :x
15:04skyzohkey_any idea why i get that error while trying to cross-compile using cmake my vala + gtk+3 app ? (using that toolchain:
15:04skyzohkey_/usr/include/glib-2.0/glib/gmacros.h:232:53: error: size of array _GStaticAssertCompileTimeAssertion_0 is negative
15:23heftigskyzohkey_: failed assertion
15:25heftigskyzohkey_: so, look further down the error to find where the G_STATIC_ASSERT was used, and look at the expression
15:28skyzohkey_it's internal to glib-2.0
15:31heftigskyzohkey_: what is sizeof(unsigned long long) on your target?
15:32skyzohkey_i target win32 x64
15:35heftigskyzohkey_: hm, i guess your build is grabbing the wrong headers
15:35heftigand say, defines guint64 to be "unsigned long" which is wrong for windows (it's always "unsigned long long")
15:36heftigthere should be a glibconfig.h for every target you have, and the include paths need to be set up to get the right one
15:37skyzohkey_mh, how do i do that with cmake ?
15:37heftigcan't tell you, sorry
15:37skyzohkey_i see
15:41skyzohkey_In file included from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/glib-2.0/include/glibconfig.h:9:0
15:41skyzohkey_it doesn't includes the right one
15:41skyzohkey_but that's the only one i has on my system
15:46julius_my evolution tries to get the data for the calendar and its todo list, 1) it always fails with errors, 2) i dont want to use those two. where do i disable that?
16:17skyzohkey_heftig, Ok fixed that issue by passing -D__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO=1 to cmake, now it gives me that:
20:50blurkiswhats the easiest way to import photos from a samsung galaxy s6 into Gnome (recent Fedora.)?
21:03eyomeblurkis_: with micro-usb cable?
21:04blurkis_eyome: yes.
21:04blurkis_eyome: trying to use shotwell, but it complains..
21:04blurkis_eyome: can not claim the device (-53)
21:05eyomeblurkis_: It doesn't work with Nautilus?
21:05blurkis_eyome: it works in nautilus. I can browse the device from there.
21:07blurkis_eyome: I seem to be able to import from a folder from the menu in shotwell, and select the phone in the file manager.. but then it seems many photos are just not imported..
21:41eyomeblurkis_: When I have some troubles to deal with phone/PC connectivity, I use adb
21:44tmsbrdrsafter an update, network manager won't connect automatically. I have to forget the network and readd it in order to connect. can someone tell me how to wipe the old config so I can start fresh? Currently using gnome 3.22.2 and kernel 4.9.8-1-ARCH
21:53borschtytmsbrdrs, you could try #nm on freenode
22:02tmsbrdrsissue is resolved after rolling back to networkmanager version 1.6.0-4. I've reported the issue on #nm as well as #antergos
22:41joelkraehemannhi all
22:42joelkraehemannjust read about
22:46joelkraehemannHow does it works?
22:46joelkraehemannDo people meet in person?
22:51borschtythe best channel for this is probably #outreachy
18 Feb 2017
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