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17 Apr 2017
20:09oidualchi, anyone got gnome 3.24 working with wayland+nvidia drivers? I'm trying on archlinux but is very laggy and I don't understand why
20:11Falk[m]oidualc: try the nvidia beta drivers from the aur
20:12oidualcyes I'm using that one, version 381.09
20:13Falk[m]oh then
20:13oidualcno problems with Xorg, which is my fallback for now, but wayland is very slow
20:13Falk[m]I dont know
20:13Falk[m]yeah I tryed it myself, some people said the beta driver is better, but seems like not for everyone
20:14oidualcso they're working smoothly for you?
20:14Falk[m]I have not tried yet
20:15Falk[m]but had the same problem like you have
20:17oidualcoh ok
20:17oidualcI would be curious to know if it's just bad packages (archlinux still does not support gnome 3.24 officially)
20:18oidualcor some bad configuration
20:19Falk[m]mutter on wayland has in generel some input laggs, on powerful machines you almost dont notice it, but on less powerful ones
20:19Falk[m]maybe a bug together with the nvidia driver causes this input lagg is very hard
20:19Falk[m]hard to express, but maybe there is a connection
20:22oidualcwell, there's certainly a bug somewhere in the stack but I would exclude performance problem related to old hardware, because I'm talking about lags of seconds in mouse movements and keyboard input
20:22oidualcnot microlags typical of old hardware..
20:23oidualcalthough admittedly the machine I'm running those test is quite old, 9 years :)
20:23oidualcbut recent nvidia vga
18 Apr 2017
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