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16 Mar 2017
00:24asalarahello, i am seeking help with automounting my camera via gvfs on linux mint
00:28asalaralooks like i should ask in #nautilus
11:03muhannadHi, is there a command-line app init new users; I'm writing small app to freeze "Library" user , basicly waht my app doing is deleteing the "Library" user and recreating it, but when it is created the home folder for "Library" user is empty, and I want to config some applications and GNOME DE is one of these applications that I want to configure them.
11:04muhannadOh, I forget my question :D, is there a command-line app in gnome suite to init new users?
11:51andremuhannad: why are you deleting and recreating a user / home directory?
11:57muhannadandre: I want the user behaive like it's forzen and will be restored after reboot,
11:57andremuhannad: why do you want that?
11:58andreI'd like to understand the core problem you want to solve, not the solution that you have in mind. As there might be other solutions.
12:00muhannadandre: I want to install GNU/Linux on some of our college library's PCs, and I since these PCs is public it's better to keep out the uneeded file from aother users
12:02muhannad<< sorry for my English :D, did you got the idea ?
12:07andremuhannad, that&#39;s why you create a different user account for each user?
12:08muhannadandre: yeah, and the old users will be deleted.
12:09muhannadandre: is it bad way to achieve what I want ?
14:11thoreauI&#39;m trying to create a custom shortcut to activate a script in ~/bin
14:12thoreauI tried using the keyboard option from the settings.
14:13thoreauAnd assigning the name of the script to the shortcut Super+Z
14:13thoreauThe script does work when activating it on the terminal.
14:25borschtystrings /proc/$(pgrep -u $(whoami) gnome-settings-daemon)/environ | grep -x PATH=.\*
14:28borschtydoes that contain ~/bin?
14:50thoreauborschty: If you were talking to me, then the result of that command is &quot;strings: &#39;/proc//environ&#39;: No such file&quot;
14:51borschtyok, no idea then what the g-s-d binary was called then before 3.24
14:51borschtycan you pastebin the output of &quot;ps ux&quot;?
14:53thoreauIt seems that the result has been cut by its right margin...
14:53thoreauWait, if I resize the terminal I get the fuul results.
14:53thoreauLet me repaste it.
14:56borschtystrings /proc/1455/environ | grep -x PATH=.\*
14:59thoreauthoreau@user:~/bin$ ls
14:59thoreauwacom-krita-profile wacom-toogle-screens
14:59acommnHi everyone. Here&#39;s my question, how can I change my keyboard mapping permanently through any Gnome interface program o setting (gsettings maybe)? More specifically, my &#39;246&#39; keycode (as xmodmap reports it). The problem is that my HP X360 laptop, for some reason, has a hinge button that is triggered every time I open the lid and it is assigned to XF86WLAN action, therefore, my wireless connection goes off and it is driving me a little
14:59acommncrazy. Thanks in advance.
15:00thoreauIt is the second script I&#39;m trying to activate.
15:15borschtyacommn, you can only do that using xkb, either using xkb options or by creating your own xkb layout
15:15borschtythoreau, how are you running these scripts from the terminal?
15:17thoreauThis is the script:
15:17thoreauYou see, it echoes 0 and 1 as it changes states.
15:17thoreauAnd so,
15:19thoreauHere it is when called in the terminal:
15:21borschtyand if you change the custom keybinding to run &quot;zenity --info&quot; instead, does that work?
15:21borschtythat should just open a dialog with some example content
15:24thoreauYou&#39;re suggesting modifying the script like this?
15:24borschtynot modifying the script, modifying the mapping to run that command instead of the script
15:25thoreauCool, let me see.
15:25thoreauYes, it works.
15:26thoreauA popup appears &quot;All updates are complete.&quot;
15:28thoreauI figured it out!
15:28thoreauIf I eliminated the call to echo in the terminal, it worked.
15:29thoreauWhen I*
15:29thoreauAnyway, that was just being used for debugging.
15:30thoreauI figure the command was interrupted because there was nothing to echo to.
15:30thoreauThanks for the help!
15:36borschtythat should not be an issue though and is working here
16:01acommnborschty: Thanks again, sorry for not following your previous suggestion (you suggested me the same thing but in Freenode IRC), the thing is, using a xmodmap seemed more easy to accomplish. Would you be so kind and point me to a good documentation source to create my own XKB layout or configuration and have Gnome load it?
16:06borschtyacommn, on the gnome side you need to add it as &quot;source&quot; under org.gnome.desktop.input-sources in dconf-editor. it should be similar to something like this: [(&#39;xkb&#39;, &#39;my_layout&#39;)]
16:07acommnborschty: Allright, thank you so much, I&#39;ll start there.
16:08borschtyon the xkb side: the layouts are in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/
16:10borschtyyou can probably also include an existing layout and just change the key you are interested in
16:26borschtyacommn, this also seems quite useful: (the only difference should be in the gnome case that you need to use dconf setting that i mentioned rather than modifying xorg.conf or running some script on startup to make the changes persistent)
16:32acommnborschty: Thanks, will check it out. Right now, reading &#39;;.
16:35acommnborschty: The Archlinux wiki page seems better, thanks.
16:36acommnWas wondering, what happens when Wayland is used instead of Xorg? hahaha.
16:37borschtyacommn, the good news is that wayland uses xkb
19:58etotientzHello world!!
20:55thoreauI would like to execute a script on startup.
20:55thoreauGnome tweak tools only offers me the option to execute applications o startup... :\
21:19borschtythoreau, you need to create a .desktop file in ~/.config/autostart/
21:19thoreauLike this model, right?
21:38acommnthoreau: You could write a &quot;Desktop File&quot; to launch your script. I suggest you to write it in: &quot;$HOME/.config/autostart/my_script.desktop&quot;. You can see examples of desktop files in &quot;/usr/share/applications/&quot;. More info at:
21:45thoreauThanks acommn, I&#39;ll check it out!
17 Mar 2017
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